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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: Vigor and Dragon Abilities – Guide



World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: Vigor and Dragon Abilities – Guide

World of Warcraft’s new expansion named Dragonflight has all new mechanics for the new mount called Dragonriding. There are various things to the Dragonriding that players will have to learn to master the Dragonriding. The main things to learn first are Vigor and Dragon Abilities that will lead players to master Dragonriding.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about Vigor and Dragon Abilities in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.


As players get the Dragonriding mount in the expansion, they will see a bar and 3 points under the bar on the screen. The Points are Vigor which is basically the Dragonriding resources used by Dragonriding abilities. Dragon riding abilities can only be used if you have Vigor available. The Vigor is used when a player uses a Dragonriding ability and every ability consumes 1 Vigor point. The Vigor points regenerate after 30 seconds whether you are mounted on Dragonriding or not.

When players get their first Dragon, they will only have 3 Vigor points and they can increase Vigor Points up to a total of 6. The Vigor points are earned by completing the main quests in the Dragon Isles. The more Vigor points will let players use dragonriding abilities more frequently.


So, if you are exploring or discovering while on dragonriding and you run out of Vigor, you will not be able to use the Dragon abilities and you will have to wait for the Vigor points to recharge.

Dragon Abilities

The Dragon Abilities in the Dragonflight expansion allow players to learn and master the Dragonriding. The Dragon Abilities cost Vigor to perform and you will be able to unlock more vigor Points and Abilities as you complete the main quests in all four zones of Dragon Isles. At the start, when you get the dragon, you will have only four starting abilities for your dragon but you will be able to unlock more abilities later in the game. The starting abilities of dragonriding are the following.

  • Lift Off
    • While mounted on the Dragon, you will have to double-jump to launch yourself in the air, and then your dragon will start gliding.
  • Surge Forward
    • The Surge Forward allows you to gain some speed by Flapping in the forward direction. It is significantly useful in gaining speed to build momentum.
  • Skyward Ascent
    • The Skyward Ascent allows you to gain speed and height by flapping in the upward direction. It will take you up as well as increase the speed but if you are dive jumping and use the Skyward Ascent ability, it will slow you down. If you are at maximum momentum and going in the upward direction, using the Skyward Ascent at that time will take you to maximum heights.
  • Thrill of the Skies
    • The Thrill of the Skies is one of the most useful Dragon Ability because it lets you regenerate Vigor points in 15 seconds if you are dragonriding at high speeds. The maximum speed is when your mount is glowing and if you stay at the maximum speed, the Vigor will regenerate quickly, allowing you to use other abilities more frequently.

All of these starting skills are used regularly in mastering the dragonriding so if you are having issues in dragonriding, then you will have to learn each of the skills and time them with other abilities to master the dragonriding.

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