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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Dragonriding Tips & Tricks



World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Dragonriding Tips & Tricks

World of Warcraft’s new expansion named Dragonflight has all new mechanics for the new mount called Dragonriding. There are various things to the Dragonriding that players will have to learn to master the Dragonriding. After learning how Vigor and Dragon Abilities work, you can work on the flight mechanics of Dragonriding to master it completely.

In this guide, we’ll tell you some Tips and Tricks to master Dragonriding in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Dragonriding Basics Tips & Tricks

Dragonriding mechanics are different from previous regular flying in World of Warcraft. The new mount uses new techniques to successfully fly in the air and the new techniques mainly depend on Momentum and a little bit of Physics. So, the basics of dragonriding are that if you are in the air and you are pitched down, you will gain momentum which will let you go faster. If you pitch down further like a vertical dive, then you will gain momentum faster but the maximum speed remains the same.

The Maximum speed of dragonriding is shown with the glow on the dragon. If you are gliding and you are seeing the waves of air and your dragon is glowing, then you are at maximum speed. If you are only seeing the airwaves, then you are gliding at a fast speed but not at maximum speed. If you are not seeing any waves then you are gliding very slowly and gradually, and you will lose altitude.

Staying at the Max Speed is the Key to master in dragonriding because the Thrill of the Skies ability will let you charge the Vigor Points more quickly so you can use the abilities more frequently but you would think that you will always have to pitch down your dragon to gain momentum. However, it is not the case, as you take off, you only need to gain momentum at the start and then you can continue the regular gliding at maximum speed. You can also go a bit up in the air while staying at the maximum speed but if you go higher then you will lose the speed and slowly lose the altitude.

Dragonriding Abilities Tips & Tricks

Once you have mastered the gliding in the basic mechanics of Dragonriding then you would want to master the abilities to reach the maximum heights of Dragon Isles. Reaching higher heights will let you discover more of Dragon Isles and one of the main abilities that you have to master is the Skyward Ascent because it is the only ability that will let your dragon flap its wings in an upward direction.

Skyward Ascent lets you go up in the air but if you use it without gaining speed then it will slow you down and you will slowly lose altitude. You will also lose speed if you use it while doing vertical dive so the best time to use it is by gaining momentum and going up at the same time. If you are in speed and pulling up and you use the Skyward Ascent, you will gain more speed as well as height. But you would have to pull up and use Skyward Ascent at the same time to gain speed otherwise, you will only get to a certain height and lose speed. So, if you are doing a Vertical Dive and you are at maximum speed, when you are about to pull up, you also need to press the Skyward Ascent to keep the maximum speed and go further up in the sky.

After gaining the speed and the height, you don’t want to keep your dragon going up because it will lose speed eventually, what you want to do is start gliding at that height at the maximum speed to recharge your Vigor continuously and then repeat the same process to get to the maximum height. This way, you will not run out of Vigor Points and you will also be able to go at maximum speed at maximum height.

All of the basics and abilities will take some time to master and once you have your grip on the new mount mechanics then you will be able to fly like a professional in dragonriding.

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