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WWE 2K23 – How New Pin System Works



WWE 2K23 has a lot of new addition in the gameplay and modes in WWE 2K series. One of the new addition in the new WWE 2K games is the Pin System. The new Pin System does not revolve around mashing the buttons now but you will have to understand the new pin system in order to kickout or you will lose the match.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how new pin system works in WWE 2K23.

Timed Pin System in WWE 2K23

If you have played the previous games of WWE 2K series then you might have know that the pin systems in those games were very similar because they were all based on mashing a button. Players will just have to mash the buttons to kickout from the pin to still going on in the match. However, the things are now changed in the new WWE 2K23 because 2K has introduced a new Pin System which is called Timed.

Now, the reason why it is called Timed is because players will have to press the RIGHT STICK at the perfect time when the LINE reaches a RED BAR. When the Line reaches the Red Bar, it will turn GREEN and when you press the Right Stick, your character will Kickout.

It is very easy to understand but the things will go tricky when you get pinned later in the match after taking a signature or a finisher from your opponent. When you are low on your HP, the Pin System will change up a bit. When you get pinned after a beatdown, you will see that the RED BAR has gotten way smaller and it will start Moving as well as the LINE that you have to place on the RED BAR.

Now, what you have to do here is that you have to really time it because the Red Bar can move in an opposite direction as well as towards the Line so, you will have to really focus on the line and whenever the red bar goes green, you will have to immediately press the Right Stick in order to kickout.

Timed Pin System

The new system is good in a way that you still get the chance to kickout after a beatdown because in the previous game, you cannot kickout after a finisher no matter how hard you press the buttons. So, it is a great pin system but it does require some practice and a lot of focusing to truly master it.

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