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WWE 2K23 – How to Do Submissions




WWE 2K23 allows players to use all of the real move sets of the wrestlers against the opponents. One of the useful moves in a match is submission which can turn the outcome of the match. If someone does not know how to get out of submissions then you can easily defeat them. However, you would also know how to perform submissions and how to get out of it if you get caught in one.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do Submissions in WWE 2K23.

Perform Submissions in WWE 2K23

Submission Moves can only be performed when you are close to your opponent. You cannot perform it from a far distance so, you would have to be close to your opponent. Once you are close, you need to press the following buttons.

  • RT/R2 [HOLD] + B/Circle

Pressing the RT/R2 will grab your opponent and if you press the B/Circle, it will follow up to the submission. Once the submission lock is placed, you will get a mini-game on the screen in which you have to mash the buttons on the screen. The buttons will continuously change after a couple of seconds so, you will have to focus on the buttons to mash the correct ones.

By mashing the Buttons, you will increase your side’s meter and once the meter is full, your opponent will tap out and you will become victorious of that match.

Submission System

Get Out of Submission in WWE 2K23

To get out of the submission, you can reverse it before your opponent gets to lock in the submission move but if you get locked in the submission move, you need to press the buttons on the screen to fill up your side of meter. By filling up your meter, the submission move will be broken and you will get lose of the submission.

It is the only way to avoid the submission move so, you will have to focus on the buttons on the screen in both of the scenarios. Whether you are doing a submission move or getting caught in a submission move, you will have to press the buttons repeatedly.

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