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WWE 2K23 – How to Get Betrayal Cutscenes




WWE 2K23 is a complete adaptation of the WWE Universe and the things happening in the rings can be selected by the players as well. You can select through different moments in matches and you can even start a rivalry between two superstars of your choice. However, the addition to these moments is Betrayal and in order to trigger the Betrayal cutscene, you will have to do specific things in the WWE Universe.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Betrayal Cutscenes in WWE 2K23.

Getting Betrayal Cutscenes in WWE Universe

If you have played the WWE Universe mode, you will get to select different playstyles of your own choice. You can even select the Cutscenes that play through the match or in post-match of your choice. However, not all cutscenes can be played unless you have fulfilled the required requirement. The requirement that you need to fulfill for to Betrayal Cutscene play during the match or after the match is following.

  • You need to select the One on One Rivalry Type
  • Select the Allies as Rivals. You can make any two wrestlers allies in your WWE Universe so select the ones that you want to start a rivalry.
  • Put them on Low Intensity.
Select the Betrayal Cutscene

Once you have done that, you will highlight the Betrayal option in the Cutscene Selector in WWE Universe. Now, go into the Betrayal option and you will get to choose the Betrayal Cutscene type in it. You can either trigger the cutscene during the match or after the match to start the rivalry between two allies.

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