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WWE 2K23 – How to Unlock Ezekiel



There are number of locked wrestlers that you will find in WWE 2K23 and in order to unlock them you will have to do a specific things. One of the wrestlers that you will find in the locked wrestler is Ezekiel who just looks like Elias but without beard.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Ezekiel in WWE 2K23.

Unlocking Ezekiel in WWE 2K23

Many locked wrestlers and locked arenas are unlocked in the MyRise Mode of WWE 2K23 and in order to unlock Ezekiel, you will also have to play the MyRise mode. MyRise Mode will allow you to play through a story of a male or a female wrestler. You will have to choose the wrestler for which you want to play the story and after you have made your character, you will see several Factions.

These Factions are of different Wrestlers and you will get to assist them in a fight or turn them down. The whole story will be in your hands but there are some choices that you need to do in order to unlock Ezekiel. You can unlock Ezekiel by doing the following steps in MyRise mode in WWE 2K23.

  • You need to complete the Loyalty missions to unlock the Faction of John Cena.
  • Once you have done enough Loyalty missions, you need to open up the Social Media.
  • You need to read the feed of John Cena for recording a footage for SmackDown. Stay on the feed until things get heated between @JohnCena and @IAmNotEliasWWE.
  • As you reach the end of the feed, you will get the option to “Offer to help Cena” or “Stay out of this”.
  • You need to select the “Offer to help Cena” and then you will get the confirmation of a story mission named “Showcase of the Immorals”.
  • You will get to defeat Elias and Ezekial in a 1v2 handicap match.
  • Once you have defeated them, you will unlock Ezekiel.

Make sure to select the right options to trigger the mission otherwise, you will not be able to unlock Ezekiel.

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