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WWE 2K23 – How to Unlock SUPER CENA



WWE 2K23

John Cena is back on the front cover of the WWE 2K23 and for those who don’t know it has happened after many years. Last time Cena was on a front cover of the game was in WWE 2K15. Since the Cena is the highlight of the game, you will also find him in the Showcase mode of WWE 2K23. There are number of skins for John Cena as well as the other wrestlers that players will unlock as they play the Career, Universe, and Showcase modes of WWE 2K23. One of the skins that fans really need to get is SUPER CENA because it is literally when you can’t even see him which follows the infamous meme as well.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock SUPER CENA in WWE 2K23.

Unlocking SUPER CENA in WWE 2K23

As there are different modes in WWE 2K23 that will reward you with different skins by playing and winning the matches but the only mode from which you can achieve the SUPER CENA skin is WWE 2K23’s Showcase Mode. The Showcase is mainly revolves around John Cena and you will be able to unlock the SUPER CENA skin for John Cena by playing and winning the matches.

It would sound easy to you by defeating the NPC Wrestlers but it is one hell of a challenge that you will have to complete in order to unlock SUPER CENA. It is because SUPER CENA is rated 100 Overall and it is the highest rated character as well as the skin once you unlocked it. However, the fans will get shocked to fight the SUPER CENA because he is literally invisible and “YOU CAN’T SEE HIM”. You will have to defeat SUPER CENA in order to unlock the skin.

You will have to go through all the matches of Showcase until you reach a match named “Didn’t See That Coming”. In this match, you will get to select an opponent of John Cena. You can choose anyone but our recommendation is to go with Roman Reigns because he has the highest rated among all the wrestlers.

Fighting Super Cena to unlock it

After that, you will get to play as the wrestler you chose and you will be defeating and invisible man wearing the John Cena’s Merchandise and Shorts. You will have to defeat him in a 1v1 match. Once you have defeated him, you will unlock the SUPER CENA skin for your casual play.

You can later select the Skin in a character select menu and amazed your friends in a friendly/private match.

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