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WWE 2K23 – How to Get Injuries




WWE 2K23 is a complete adaptation of the WWE Universe and the things happening in the rings can be selected by the players as well. You can select through different moments in matches and you can even do injury to your opponents by selecting the specific actions in your WWE Universe Mode.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can get injuries in WWE 2K23.

Getting Injuries in WWE Universe

The Universe Mode allows you to control the match completely through your pre-made decisions. You can select several actions to happen during the match. To give an injury to your opponent, you can do it in two different ways. You need to select the action of ambushing your opponent pre-match either on the Arm or Leg. However, there are several options through which you can give an injury to your opponent.

To select the Injury in the Pre-match, you will have to go through the following steps.

  • Select your character and your opponent.
  • Go to the Action Categories and select the “Ambush” option.
  • In the Ambush option, you will see 7 different actions. All of them will have a significant impact on your opponent but for the injury, you need to select either “Targeted Leg Ambush” or “Targeted Arm Ambush”.
  • By selecting any one of the actions, your character will ambush your opponent’s arm or leg depending on what action you chose.

Selecting the Ambush Attack will start a cutscene in which your character will injure your opponent and you will get the benefit of the fight. There will also be additional cutscenes at the end of the fight relevant to the injury. If your character wins, he will deal more damage to the injured body part of the opponent. If somehow your opponent beats you, he will walk out of the ring in pain due to injury. However, in both cases, your opponent will face injury for 8 weeks.

Select injury options

You can also select an injury for the Pay-Per-View Match between rivals. In order to do the injury in PPV, you will get an option in the Outcome Setting of the match. You need to select the “Inflict Injury” option. It will play a cutscene after you have won the match in which the opponent will face serious injury and the officials will help him get out of the arena.

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