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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom- Best Beginner Tips to Start Your Adventure



Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom- Best Beginner Tips to Start Your Adventure

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is almost here and players will be able to enjoy the adventure of Link in a more broad and open-world experience. As it is the most anticipated game of the past year, there are some new mechanics in the game that have been highlighted and all the players should know about them before playing the game to understand them better. Not only that it will give you a hint of what you are doing but also enhances your experience with the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the best beginner tips to start your adventure of Tears of the Kingdom.

Beginner Tips to Start Adventure of Tears of the Kingdom

As we jump down into the tips, the very first friendly tip that we give the new players of the Zelda series is to learn the Lore of the game. Know about the past events of Calamity that took place in The Breath of the Wild. It will enhance your experience while playing the game because you will relate to the things that you know about in the world of Hyrule.

The Beginner Tips to Start Adventure of Tears of the Kingdom are the following.

Talk to NPCs

The Tears of the Kingdom offers a vast Open-World experience to the players. Unlike the Breath of the Wild where towns were empty and not much talking with NPCs, the Tears of the Kingdom is more alive and populated. The areas, towns, and outposts in Tears of the Kingdom are more populated and you will find a number of NPCs that will provide you with helpful information along your journey.

Creative Building

Use Link’s Ultra Hand ability to create creative things that can help you get to a certain point or cover great distances. You can use the ability at any time and it can also help you find a solution to a puzzle. You can interact with any object in the world and attach them together to make a working item. There are endless options for making a creative item so if you see any objects lying around, use them to make an interesting thing.

Use New Abilities

There are two new abilities of Link that players will get to use in Tears of the Kingdom. The new skills are Recall and Ascend. Recall ability will allow you to rewind the time of an object. You can use this ability on any object and then rewind time for that object to make use of this ability. You can use this ability to reach higher Aerial Areas in Hyrule by jumping on a Fallen Rock or you can use it in a combat where is a Rock Ball falling from a high ground.

The Ascend ability allows you to jump through any ceiling and come out of the other end. It totally changes the play of the game as you can jump through ceilings. You will not have to climb your way out of an area or cave, you can just use Ascend ability while looking up at a ceiling and Link will come out of the other end.

Use Fuse Mechanic

The mechanic that you need to use the most is the Fuse. You need to fuse different items you see in your surrounding with your weapons to create creative outcomes for your attacks. Fusing your weapons will increase your Attack Power, Utility Tools, and Elemental Boost. So, make sure to fuse your weapons every now and then throughout the adventure.

Scan Amiibo

Amiibo is back in Tears of the Kingdom and it is even better than the Breath of the Wild. You need to scan Amiibo daily to get useful items, armor, gear, weapons, fuse items, and much more in the early game without even doing the side quests.

Use Horse Stables

There is a new Punch Card Reward System called “Pony Points” that have been added to Tears of the Kingdom and it will give you great benefits if you use the Horse Stables. Pony Points will track your points in all of the Horse Stables and reward you with useful items when you reach a Threshold of points.

These are all the tips that we want you to implement in your gameplay to have more fun in the game. It is an Open-World game so you need to take your time with the game and explore as many areas as you can to enjoy the game even more. The Tears of the Kingdom comes out on May 12, 2023.

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