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24K gold PS5 preorder starts Thursday at £8099, £7999 for discless



24K gold PS5 preorder starts Thursday at £8099, £7999 for discless

PlayStation may not have revealed the price of the PlayStation 5, but that hasn’t stopped retailer Truly Exquisite from announcing the starting date for their 24K gold PS5 preorder.

Commencing tomorrow, likely the day after the PlayStation 5 price reveal, the 24K gold PS5 preorder is the first proper announcement we’ve had of next-gen pricing.

Obviously, the price for a 24 Karat Gold coated PlayStation 5 is far more expensive than the PlayStation 5 will be on launch – or is it?! – but there is some intriguing price differences between different versions of the next-gen console available.

For example, a 24K gold PS5 preorder will cost you £8099, but the cheaper PlayStation 5 Digital Edition without a disc tray will knock £100 off the asking price. Obviously, the thicker bulge of the PS5’s disc tray means there’s more to cover in gold, but this does mean the standard PlayStation 5 won’t be more than £100 more than its Digital counterpart in non-gold form.

Truly Exquisite also offers an 18K rose gold version of both consoles, £8099 for Digital Edition, £8199 for a disc version. A Platinum Disc PS5 costs £8299.

The website is also selling gold-covered DualSense controllers and the PS5 headset for £649 and £399 respectively. Check out the chart below: (thanks Wario64!)

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