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6 PS5 Aspects Sony Hasn’t Confirmed Yet

We already know the release date, the price, and the first exclusive PS5 games, but there are still some aspects that Sony has not yet confirmed about the new console, and that we should know over the next two months before going on sale.

After the PS5 Showcase conference (and subsequent posts, both on the Official PlayStation Blog and in interviews with Jim Ryan, the division president at Sony), there are still some unknown aspects of the new console. In this report, we detail 6 elements that we should know in the coming months, before the console goes on sale on November 19(Europe).

The unknown aspects of PS5 not only refer to the hardware itself, but to the services that will be offered with the new machine, the user interface, and the functions that have been confirmed but not explained. These unconfirmed aspects refer to the two available models, both PS5 with a Blu Ray reader.

Although it seems that the most important aspects of the machine have already been worked out, actually these 6 PS5 items are also of great importance before buying a new console. We trust that Sony will resolve all our doubts before the launch arrives.

User interface. Activities

At the moment, it has not been revealed what the main menu of PS5 will look like, nor what functions it will offer to users. Jim Ryan, in an interview with the Games industry medium, referred to what the PS5 interface will be like, the functions it will offer, and when we can finally see it. “We haven’t shown any of the user experience on PS5 yet, and there are really cool things about it.”

One of these aspects is the “activities” function that allows us to jump directly to certain parts of the games, such as a fast resume. It is a kind of direct access, through which we can jump to specific parts of the games, without having to start the software, or go through loading screens. It will be the different development teams that determine which points are compatible with these “activities”.

These activities can be specific missions of a “single-player” game or games offered by multiplayer servers, but much remains to be clarified in this regard.

Share button: share screenshots and broadcast games by streaming on Twitch, Youtube, etc.

The “share” button was one of the great successes of PS4; which offered the possibility of capturing screens and recording videos of our games to share them with the community through social networks (if we had linked our Twitter profile, YouTube channel, or Twitch). It has been one of the newest features of this generation, and it will be back on PS5.

We know that the share button (it has changed its name) is present on the PlayStation 5 Dualsense controller, but we have not yet seen how it will work. Will it allow you to capture screens and videos in 4K resolution as they are seen on screen or will it apply some type of compression? Will the SSD drive streamline this process to be more immediate? Will the console cache the last few minutes so that we have the option to record what we just played?

The fact that I play on PS5 an HD camera with two 1080p lenses is put on sale to stream while we play, it also anticipates that we will find functions that facilitate live broadcasting through our Twitch or YouTube channels. And we still do not know if it will add other specific features for streaming, for example when we play multiplayer online with a friend, who also has the camera connected.

How backward compatibility works, download, emulation?

Official communications from Sony regarding the console’s backward compatibility with previous models have been, at best, confusing. At The Future of Play conference, Mark Cerny spoke about PlayStation Legacy, and yet today the data we have limited the compatibility of PS5 with PS4 games. According to Jim Ryan, the console will be able to run 99% of the games on the current machine, but there is no definitive list of those games.

Backward compatibility with older machines has also been downloaded, but can it be implemented in the future via PS Now?

It is also not specified in what mode PS4 games running on the new hardware will improve. Will it be a type of “boost mode” like the one applied by PS4 PRO or we find an increase in resolution and FPS, in which case we would have to download a patch? On the other hand, if we own the PS5 edition with a disc drive and we insert one of our PS4 games, does it read it directly or will it have to download a version that “emulates” the old machine like the built-in system on Microsoft consoles?

Finally, and being very optimistic, is there a way to link the games that we have on PS4 to our user profile to download them in the All Digital version?

Games that will be automatically updated to the best version

Some companies, such as CD Project RED have announced that their games (Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt) will be updated automatically and free of charge to the best version, when we run them on PS5. In the case of NBA 2K21 or Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, this will only occur with certain versions of the games. But what will happen to the “first party” games developed by the own studios?

At the moment, it has been published that if we own Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 (Insomniac) it will not automatically update to the “remake” for PS5 that is included in one of the Miles Morales editions. But what about other “cross-gen” releases like Sackboy A Big Adventure or the upcoming Horizon II Forbidden West? Could we in that case buy the cheaper PS4 version and enjoy the update?

Console cooling, temperature, and noise

We have not yet seen the console working “live”. Until we can get our hands on the machine we won’t have a chance to assess how the PS5’s cooling system works. How hot the machine gets when we have been playing for a while and – especially compared to PS4 PRO – if it will sound that much.

More powerful processors imply a higher temperature, although the console in its exterior design seems designed to dissipate heat, with an outlet on the back and a space between the main body and the two white sheets that cover the hardware. It is one of the aspects that worries us the most because temperature and noise affect the gaming experience and also the useful life of the machine.

The new PS Plus on PS5

Until now, the PS Plus subscription included the possibility of playing online with other console users and also two downloadable PS4 games each month (which were lost if we canceled our subscription). An additional feature has been announced on PS5: access to some of the best PS4 games with the PlayStation Plus Collection.

Thanks to this service, players of the new console will have access to some of the best games of the current generation, such as God of War, Detroit Become Human, The Last of Us Remastered, Batman Arkham Knight, Uncharted 4, or Bloodborne. But will all the launch games be available or will it be a “rotating” list that changes every month? Also, does this mean that PS Plus subscribers will not receive PS5 games?

There are more questions in this regard … will we also receive the PS4 games that are released each month, so that we can play two bonus titles? And above all, does it mean any price increase compared to what we are currently paying for being Plus members?

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