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Sony has published a patent for a possible PS5 interface



Sony has published a patent for a possible PS5 interface

Sony filed a patent application in May-June 2020, but its publication took place only on September 17, after the second presentation of the PS5.

The description of the patented interface mentions, among other things, a background with dynamic particles that can highlight individual menu items. The patent does not provide any illustrations of what exactly this will look like, but Sony has already hinted at using such a feature — it was dynamic particles that were shown in the first teaser of the PS5 interface at the console’s June presentation.

In the illustrations of the interface from the Sony patent, you can see that the quick access menu to the game contains buttons for restarting it, selecting players for joint passage, and tracking in-game events.

According to the patent, the menu in games will also change depending on the level of their passage. For example, if the user completes the ninth mission, the menu will display a video with excerpts of their gameplay and an icon for the tenth task with tips for completing it.

In addition, when you hover over the icons of different missions, the user can see if their friends have played them. Your friends ‘ avatars will also be visible separately at the top of the screen. They will show activity indicators — for example, the user will be able to see which of his friends sent him a message or is streaming. Avatars of close friends can be selected.

Sony did not show the PS5 interface, but The PlayStation Vice President of UX design stated that the console will get a new visual language.

Microsoft introduced an updated Xbox interface in August 2020.

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