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A person decided to destroy his PS5 in an industrial shredder



A person decided to destroy his PS5 in an industrial shredder

Unfortunately, there are also users who destroy their recently acquired PS5 in industrial shredders.

We are just a few weeks away from Christmas, a very special time of year when everyone wants to see their wishes come true, and I am sure one of them is to have a next-generation console, especially a PS5 which is almost impossible to get right now.

Although the second shipment of PS5 has just arrived and a third is expected in the middle of the month, the truth is that this is possibly the most difficult gift to give this Christmas and if you haven’t managed to book in advance you will only have to go to resellers or wait until 2021.

But one thing that is true, not only with video consoles but also with mobile phones, are people who acquire one of these great launches to crush them, destroy them, annihilate them or directly pass them through an industrial crusher. This was shown in a controversial video where someone did not hesitate to put their PS5 console into one of these machines to smash it.

The fact is that a person who is capable of doing this with a video console shows that he or she does not like video games, because since there are thousands of users who are looking forward to having a console to enjoy this Christmas, there are other individuals who are dedicated to destroying them. At least there are good people too, and they give their PS5 to people in need.

So beyond the curiosity, and all the comments against it. it is not nice to see how any kind of technological device is destroyed without any sense.

This type of machine is used for recycling, to destroy certain elements when they no longer work, but a PS5 that has just come on the market, and that so many people want to have for this Christmas, should not have had this fate.

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