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Playstation 5 doesn’t appear in searches on Amazon Italy



Things you didn't know your new PS5 could do

In the last few hours, there have been many reports from users who are unable to view PlayStation 5 on Amazon Italy. Trying to search for the console does not return any results.

We tried to carry out this test within two hours, both on Amazon Italy and Amazon Germany and by typing in the appropriate search bar PlayStation 5, we obtain as results only the DualSense and the accessories connected to it, but no trace of the two consoles. The products, however, can still be viewed through the dedicated page.

At first, we thought it was a technical problem, but we find it impossible that a giant like Amazon has not yet solved a solution within two hours. The most plausible idea is that it was voluntarily removed from searches because at the moment both editions of PlayStation 5 are sold-out and it is not known, exactly, when they will be available again. Surely the situation will return to normal in a few days, Sony has already made it known that it will supply dealers with other units.

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