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AC Valhalla: Interwoven Tales – Find All 5 Shards



AC Valhalla: Interwoven Tales - Find All 5 Shards

In the DLC “Interwoven Tales” for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you and Kassandra from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey go on a search for five shards that are supposed to open the mysterious gate in the gold cave. In this guide, we show you all the locations and how to get to the secret hiding spots.

How do I start the search for the shards for the gold cave?

Follow Kassandra to the gold cave to the north, directly after the menhirs puzzle in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (guide). During the quest “Counting the sheep”, you enter the cave, stand on the symbol in the middle of the room and then repel the attackers. After the quarrel with Kassandra, the search for the broken pieces begins on the Isle of Fog.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC: Finding Shards in Hunagladair

Hunagladair is in the north of the island and is a hostile territory. So be careful. The shard is in a small cave. You will find the entrance next to a pyre in the north of the village. Assassinate the guard from behind and collect the shard.

Where can I find the shard in the excavation site?

The excavation site can be found in the northwest of the island. You can sneak past the guards camouflaged through the no-confidence zone. Climb the wall at the entrance gate and take an oil vase with you. Keep to the right until you reach the entrance to a cave covered with a red cloth. Blast the cracked wall with the oil vase and grab the shard.

Find broken pieces in Dun Ardtreck

The village of Dun Ardtreck is located in the southwest of the island and is hostile territory. The access to the cave with the shard is on the bank by the cliffs . Dive to the bottom of the sea at the ruins directly on the water and follow the glowing jellyfish to the shard.

This is how you can find the shard in Inbhir Arais

Inbhir Arais is on the small island north of your headquarters in Ceilltarraglan. Shortly before the village, there is a small crack in the rock wall right next to a tree. Behind it is the access to the brother cave. Instead of a shard, however, you will only find three snakes and a letter from a thief.

Use Odin’s point of view and follow the footsteps into the village. You open the door to the hut by pushing the wooden structure behind the house and chasing an arrow through the window on the bolt. Read the letter by the fireplace. Follow the footsteps again to the clearing.

Warning: bears! Climb onto the tower and over the rope onto the hanging pallets. The shard lies with the corpse.

Shard in the fairy pond: what do I do with the old woman?

Interact with the board behind the waterfall, then talk to the old woman by the pond. In the dialog you have the following options:

  • Buy shard for 500 silver (peaceful solution)
  • Attack (deadly solution)
  • Convince a woman (requires charisma level 3)

If you attack them, you will also deal with the wolves that are circling you. If you let her live, you will meet her again at the end of the DLC and find out who she is .

How do I find the mysterious artifact?

Put the shards in the gold cave and go through the gate. Follow the cave until you come to a lake. Jump into the water, submerge, and swim towards the jellyfish. Go ashore, follow the path and kill the guards in the hall. After Kassandra has ignited the light, you move the spotlights and reflectors so that they direct the light into the two receivers to the left and right of the gate. Collect the artifact behind it.

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