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Age of Wonders 4: Best Tomes to Select



Age of Wonders 4: Best Tomes to Select

The progression of the game revolves around building your empire stronger by selecting the powerful and suitable Tomes for your Faction. As you create your Faction and choose the Traits, you will also get to select the Tomes you want to start with. Each Tome gives you 2 points in a specific Affinity, spells, and a certain bonus for your faction as well. You will get to unlock more Tomes of Higher Tiers as you progress through the game by completing missions but it can be tricky which Tomes to select.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the best Tomes that you can select in Age of Wonders 4.

Best Tomes to Select in Age of Wonders 4

There is a total of 54 Tomes of Magic spread over 6 Affinities through which players can select their preferred Tomes of Magic to make their builds. As there are 6 different Affinities. Players can make their build by choosing the cosmic power that they think is the best for their playstyle. We have discussed all 6 Affinities in the All Types of Affinities guide. However, one of the best numbers of Tomes of Magic that you can select in Age of Wonders 4 is the following.

  • Tome of the Horde – (Tier I): It is one of the best Tomes in the early game as it will allow you to buff your Tier 1 units. You will get the Fury of the Horde, Blaze of the Horde, and Mayhem spells from this Tome.
  • Tome of Beasts – (Tier I): It works best with Tome of the Horde because combining them together will grant you a Tier 2 Unit which will summon a Tier 1 unit of animals. Not only that, all the Tier 1 units and animals will get buff which will allow you to have a powerful frontline in the battle.
  • Tome of Artificing – (Tier II): It will improve the Golem Mine province and gives spells like Artisan Armament and Siege Magic which will give extra critical hit chances.
  • Tome of Devastation – (Tier III): It will provide you with even more critical hit chances along with Seed of Chaos province improvement. It will also make your units explode on death which can be devastating for the enemies. You will get the Focus of Devastation, Unleash the War Hounds, and Pandemonium spells.
  • Tome of Vigor – (Tier III): It will give you access to summon Greater Animal which will make you unstoppable and you will also get access to Nature’s Wrath.
  • Tome of Nature’s Wrath – Tier (IV): With Nature’s Wrath, you will get to summon Horned God which will help you destroy the enemy’s provinces and turn them into forest. After that, you will be able to use the Awaken Instinct spell which will turn the forest into an army of plants and animals.
  • Tome of the Goddess of Nature – Tier (V): It will grant you the Avatar of Nature hero skill and give you the spells such as Force of Nature and Rejuvenation. Force of Nature will allow your animal units to land a guaranteed critical hit with every single attack.

These are one of the many powerful Tomes that you can select to make yourself a build of Nature Affinity.

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