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All Mining and Forageable Changings in Palia



Palia - Mining and Forageable Changings

The new Palia update, Patch 0.177 adds several new décor items and fixes many requested bugs to improve the gameplay for the players. Additionally, there are several new quality-of-life improvements regarding mining nodes and forageable items that both new and old players must know about to get certain resources/materials on time before they despawn.

All Mining Changes in Palia

There are several changes regarding mining nodes spread across Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay in Palia. These new changes to mining nodes are regarding the presentation of a node that has been mined by the players. There are different visual representations for the mined nodes both for the players who mined the nodes and those who just arrived on such nodes that they haven’t mined yet. These changes are the following.

  • Upon mining a node, the players will see a ghostly version of the node instead of the disappearance of the node. The ghostly version indicates that the following node is available for other players to mine.
  • The alternate presentation of the ghostly version for the players who haven’t mined the node yet would be a glowing node. The glowing node will represent that the following node has already been mined by other players. However, there will be no changes in the drop rate of the glowing node.
  • In addition to the glowing node, if a glowing node is pulsing rapidly, it means that the node will be despawning for everyone and a new node will spawn for everyone at the node’s respawn time.
  • All three of these changes are for the mining nodes that are in Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay. It does not include the rock nodes in the Housing Plot of the players.

All Forageable Changes in Palia

The Forageable items like the spices, flowers, etc. will also have a despawn glow effect for the other players. So, similar to the mining nodes, the other players who haven’t foraged an item will be able to see the glow on such items that have been foraged by the other players and it will despawn after the rapid pulsing.

These changes are made for a better gameplay experience for every player on the server. Unlike the previous patches, you will not have to wait for a mining node or a forageable item to respawn.

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