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All New Confirmed Combat and Items Mechanics in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom



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As there are new commercials of Tears of the Kingdom have been put out, Nintendo has let the press play the game for a whole hour and they have confirmed some interesting mechanics of the game. We will be covering the whole new mechanics of Tears of the Kingdom in this article.

All New Combat Mechanics

By analyzing the trailers and commercials and by the feedback from the press, the combat mechanics of Tears of the Kingdom are as follows.

  • You can fuse an arrow with the Meat to bait the enemies. You can throw materials without using the Bow. You can use Mud Bombs to confuse the enemies. You can fuse up to two weapons/items. The Flower Bombs are also in the Tears of the Kingdom. You can repel all of the projectiles coming toward you. You can shoot arrows while free-falling.

All New Items Mechanics

The new Items Mechanics in the Tears of the Kingdom are as follows.

  • You can build the vehicles in exchange for Zonnan Parts. The vending machines will give you vehicle parts which is a new transportation system. The vehicle’s batteries are now dependent on the cartridges of Link. As you get more cartridges, the battery will run longer. You can use the Kitchen to cook food like in Breath of the Wild but there is a new Portable Kitchen that will let you cook food anywhere. You can also speed up the Construction with the Ultra Hand. The navigation of the menus is made easier. You can switch between Sky and Surface in the map menu.

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