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Amnesia: The Bunker: How to Get the Lighter



Amnesia: The Bunker: How to Get the Lighter

Amnesia: The Bunker does not require a linear playthrough so there are many possible solutions to solve a puzzle that you are trying to solve. However, the safest method to get around the Bunker and solve the puzzles will require a Tool named Lighter. Now, getting Lighter is not a main objective but it will help you out like the rest of the tools you will find in your playthrough. Lighter is specifically sufficient in decreasing the chances of getting bitten by the Rats making it easier for you to get around the Bunker and get the required things for your way out.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Get the Lighter in Amnesia: The Bunker.

Lighter Location in Amnesia: The Bunker

The Lighter is located in one of the Lockers inside the Mission Storage Room. The Room is located in the West Hallway from the Administration Room. You can go inside the Mission Storage Room through the vents on the side of the main door. Once inside the room, you need to find a locker with the name of Giraud. Giraud’s locker contains the Lighter inside and you need to find the four-digit code for the locker.

Now, all of the lockers’ codes in Amnesia: The Bunker are randomized so, it is no use in providing the code because ultimately, you will have to find the right code for your playthrough. However, the process of finding the code is similar so, you can follow our guide to find the Dog Tag of Giraud and get the code for the locker.

Lighter Location in Amnesia: The Bunker

Where to Find Giraud’s Dog Tag in Amnesia: The Bunker

The Giraud’s Dog Tag can be found inside Foreman’s Quarters in Maintenance Area. The Maintenance Area is accessed via Officer’s Quarters. Officer’s Quarters is located on the left side while coming from the Administration Room. It will be a Dark Hallway through which you will have to walk through. Go down to the end of the hallway and you will see the Maintenance sign at the end. Be careful, there will be a trap at the start so jump over it and keep following the path until you reach the Clerk’s Office which is barred up by planks saying “Keep the Rats Out” in Red.

Go a bit ahead and you will see the sign of Foreman’s Quarters pointing towards the left side. Go up the staircase to reach the Foreman’s Quarters and you will find the Giraud’s Dog Tag on the table. Pick up the Dog Tag and rotate it to get the code.

Where to Find Giraud’s Dog Tag in Amnesia: The Bunker

Get the Lighter from Giraud’s Locker

Once you have the code, you need to make your way back to the Mission Storage Room. Once there, find the Giraud’s Locker and enter the four-digit code to open the locker and the Lighter is all yours. You can use the Lighter to light up the Torch that can be crafted by combining a Stick and a Cloth. You can also use the Lighter to light up the explosives so, there is a lot of flexibility in unlocking the Lighter and using it to make your play in the Bunker.

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