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Amnesia: The Bunker: How to Get the Gas Mask



Where to Find Laval’s Locker Code in Amnesia: The Bunker

Gas Mask is one of the optional items in the game that is not required for the main story but still, it can be very useful in avoiding the Gas Traps in the Bunker. There are numerous Gas Traps placed in different areas of the Bunker and by tripping these traps, you can easily suffocate to death if you don’t leave the area quickly. That is where Gas Mask comes into play and by putting on the Gas Mask, you will be able to walk through the gas without suffocating.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Get the Gas Mask in Amnesia: The Bunker.

Gas Mask Location in Amnesia: The Bunker

The Gas Mask is located in one of the lockers inside the Mission Storage Room in the Bunker. When you go to the Mission Storage Room, you will see a number of lockers containing useful and required items for the story and one of the lockers named N Laval will contain a Gas Mask inside of it. You will be able to see the Gas Mask through the Locker but in order to obtain the Gas Mask, you will have to get a Four-Digit code for the locker.

Gas Mask Location in Amnesia: The Bunker

Now, the codes in Amnesia: The Bunker are randomized for everyone and for every playthrough so, in order to get the code, you will have to find the Dog Tag of Laval to get the code. The previous codes or codes from other players’ walkthroughs will not work in your playthrough and you will have to complete the process of finding the dog tag and then entering the found code to get the Gas Mask.

Where to Find Laval’s Locker Code in Amnesia: The Bunker

Laval’s Locker can be found inside the Soldier Quarters area which can only be opened by using the Emergency Lockdown Wheel. It is one of the early tasks that players will do in the game so, once you have done that, you need to go down to the Soldier Quarters and you will reach the Communications Area. Go to the left side and enter the barracks. Go through the hallway inside the barracks and you will reach a corner filled with Rats.

Where to Find Laval’s Locker Code in Amnesia: The Bunker

You need to use a Flare or the Lighter to scare away the rats and you will be able to pick up the Laval’s Dog Tag from the ground. Rotate the Dog Tag to note down the code.

Get the Gas Mask from Laval’s Locker

Once you have the Laval’s Dog Tag, you just need to go back to Mission Storage Room and enter the code on Laval’s Locker to get the Gas Mask. Interact with the Gas Mask to store it in your inventory and it would be best to bind it on a Hot Key to quickly put it on when you trip Gas Trap.

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