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Apple sues Epic Games to pay damages for violation of App Store rules



Apple sues Epic Games to pay damages for violation of App Store rules

After several appeals from Epic Games to the court to stop the removal of Fortnite and its other apps from the Apple store, the developers were countered.

Apple claims that Epic knowingly violated the contract and the App Store rules, and is also demanding damages in the form of a share of transactions through its own developer payment system – it appeared in Fortnite on August 13. The exact amount was not specified in the documents.

Epic’s lawsuit is more than a simple money dispute. Epic presents itself as the modern corporate Robin Hood, but it’s actually a multi-billion dollar company that just wants to pay nothing for all the benefits the App Store provides.

from Apple’s claim against Epic Games

In addition, Apple’s lawsuit emphasizes that Epic has earned more than $ 600 million in the App Store, and the conflict initiated by the company is a “covert attack” on the store. The developers have already prepared all the necessary documents for the release of the Fortnite update in August, “hiring a whole legion of lawyers, publicists and technicians.”

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