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Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon – How to Customize Mech



Armored Core VI - How to Customize Mech

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon offers one of the in-depth character customizations in games but as it is a mecha-based combat game, players will be customizing their Mech. Players can completely feel proud by turning their opponents into scrap while showing off their cool and countless possible designs on their Mech.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to Customize Mech and what the customization options available in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon.

How to Customize Mech in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

Players will start the campaign of the game with a bang and they have to complete the very first mission of the game to unlock the Garage. Once players have defeated AH12 HC Helicopter at the end of the first mission of Chapter 1, they will gain access to the Garage. The garage is a place where players will get to customize their Mech every time before starting the next mission. There are several things that players can do at the Garage and for the Customization of Mech, players will have the following options.

  • Assembly
  • Paint
  • Decals


In the Assembly Menu, players will get to change parts of Mech. Parts are mainly the Weapons and Armor of the Mech that enhance the overall stats of the Mech. As players progress through the game and defeat enemies/bosses, they will unlock new parts. Parts can also be bought and sold from the Parts Shop which will unlock by progressing in the story. All of the unlocked and bought parts will show in the Assembly from where players can equip them on their Mech.

Each part is of a specific category, they can only be applied to that category alone. Fortunately, Assembly has all the different categories available from the get-go and players can equip the parts right from the start. All the categories available in Assembly Menu are the following.

  • Unit: R-Arm Unit, L-Arm Unit, R-Back Unit, and L-Back Unit.
  • Frame: Head, Core, Arms, and Legs.
  • Inner: Booster, FCS, and Generator.
  • Expansion: Expansion.


The Paint Menu is where players will get a chance to get creative. Players can either select a Paint color for Entire Frame or they can individually select the color for each unit separately. There are pre-made colors as well as custom colors that players can make on their own. After making a custom color, players can save the color as well to apply it to the units they want. The game allows players to save their paint customization as well so that they can reapply it later whenever needed.  The paint menu has the following options to apply the color on units of Mech.

  • Head
  • Core
  • R-Arm
  • L-Arm
  • Legs
  • R-Arm Unit
  • L-Arm Unit
  • R-Back Unit
  • L-Back Unit


The Decals Menu allows players to add a more appealing look to their Mech by adding Decals on different units. Each unit option has various Presets of Decals from which players can choose one for their Mech. All the available units on which players can apply Decals are the following.

  • Head
  • Core
  • R-Arm
  • L-Arm
  • Legs

Players can access the garage in between missions and can access the customization options whenever they like. It is a great way to keep your Mech dripped throughout the whole game.

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