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Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon – How to Defeat Tester AC (Boss Fight)



Armored Core VI: Tester AC

Tester AC is one of the early boss fights in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon that players must encounter and defeat to progress in the game. It is one of the main boss fights in the game and players will get to encounter Tester AC in the Fifth Mission, Destroy the Tester AC of Chapter 1. The Tester AC is a similar Mech to the players’ Mech and it holds all the same functionality as the players’ Mech.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Tester AC in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon.

How to Defeat Tester AC

Tester AC boss has all the same initial weapons as players in the first mission of the game. It will use the Rifle and missiles periodically throughout the fight and try to get close to you to land a Melee attack. Melee Attack is the strongest attack of Tester AC for obvious reasons and it can stagger players pretty quickly so, the best way to avoid getting staggered is to keep using the Quick Boost to evade attacks of Tester AC.

The Quick Boost will be your best option in this fight to evade shots, missiles, and melee attacks. If you keep moving around throughout the whole fight, it will be difficult for the Tester AC to hit you. While moving around Tester AC, you need to keep your Lock Target ON to shoot your guns and missiles on it to stagger it. As staggering the Tester AC will allow you to deal more damage to it, you need to shoot missiles frequently at it.

If you manage to stagger the Tester AC, it is the best time for you to use your Melee Attack to deal the maximum amount of damage. Stagger will slow down the Tester AC and it will give you the opportunity to get close to it to land the Melee Attack. If you try to land the Melee Attack when it is not staggered, there is a chance that it lands Melee Attack on you instead. So, it is better to use your guns and missiles in this fight until it staggers.

Overall, the boss fight is not hard if you constantly move around to evade its attack. If you stay in one position, you can get easily staggered by its missiles. Simply keep moving around the Tester AC and shoot your weapons at it to defeat it.


Defeating the Tester AC Boss will complete the mission and it will reward you with 95,000 COAM.

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