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As Dusk Falls: Chapter 2 – All Achievements



As Dusk Falls: Chapter 2 - All Achievements

As Dusk Falls is highly story-driven of course with your choices. The game takes turns based on your choices and crossroad choices that have a major effect on the storyline depending upon your crossroad choices. The Achievements in As Dusk Falls is also linked with the choices you make in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all the achievements that you can get in Chapter 2 for As Dusk Falls.

Chapter 2 – All Achievements

Here are all the achievements that can be unlocked in chapter 2.

  • What’s Your Emergency
    • For the very first Achievement, you have to make sure that Michelle doesn’t get injured at the beginning of chapter 2. The checkpoint is called Vince Held the Gun. You have to select the Option Crack a Joke and Tyler will talk to you, and he will tie the players. Following this, you will be hit with QTEs on the screen. You’ve to successfully complete the QTEs and you will unlock the What’s the Emergency Achievement. You can also go into the story tree and replay from the checkpoint Vince Held the Gun if you missed getting the achievement.
  • Paging Dr. Walker
    • The second achievement will arrive at the checkpoint called Escape the office. This achievement can be unlocked in two possibilities, if Michelle is shot in chapter 1 then you’ll already follow in the chapter and get to the point where you get a choice to remove the bullet. Another way in chapter 2 is when you’re hiding in the office. You will get a choice to stay hidden or Run for it. You have to select Run for it and Michelle will end up getting shot. Later on, in chapter 2, you will get a timed choice to Leave the bullet or Remove the bullet. You’ve to select Remove bullet. Following this QTEs will appear. After you’ve completed the QTEs, you will unlock the achievement Paging Dr. Walker.

After you’ve gotten the second achievement there will be a flashback memory that has three different paths and each of the paths has its own achievement.

For the path of trusting Michelle totally with Bruce, here is the achievement you can unlock.

  • Keeping the Faith
    • Vince and Michelle will be having a conversation and there will be a crossroad choice. You’ve to select Okay, I’m sorry. Vince will trust Michelle and believe her and you will unlock Keeping the Faith Achievement. You will get this on the Relaxed on the Balcony Checkpoint.
  • What’s Done is Done
    • At the same checkpoint Relaxed on the Balcony, you can go to the story tree and play it again. When Vince and Michelle are having the conversation and the crossroad choice appears. Now, this time you’ve to select No, there’s more to this. Now, Vince will confront Michelle about her affair and again you will get two choices Kiss her and Sit and Talk. You’ve to select Sit and Talk and you will again get a choice of Forgive and Don’t Forgive. You’ve to select Forgive. You will unlock the achievement What’s Done is Done.
  • Unforgivable
    • Once, again you have to go through the same conversation. You’ve to repeat some choices, first select No, there’s more to this. Next, you’ve to select Sit and Talk. On the last, you’ve to select Don’t Forgive. You will unlock the Unforgiveable achievement.

Now, back to the present in the main storyline and to the scene where Michelle was shot.

  • Lifesaver
    • Now, there will be a tough spot and you will be again in a crossroad choice. You’ve to select between Michelle and Zoe. For this achievement, you’ve to make sure that Michelle is wounded. Now, you’ve to select Send Michelle from the crossroad choice. You will unlock the Lifesaver achievement.
  • Dodged a Bullet
    • After the Michelle, Zoe scenario, Dale will take Vince out to negotiate like a human shield and the Checkpoint is called Michelle Or Zoe?/ Jim Or Zoe depending on who is injured. Now, again you will be hit by a crossroad choice. Warn Dale and Don’t Warn, you’ve to select Warn Dale and you will both survive and you will unlock the Achievement Dodged a Bullet.

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