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Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – Chapter 7: Nest of the Wyrm – Walkthrough



Chapter 7: Nest of the Wyrm

In this guide, we’ll be covering the seventh chapter of Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.

Nest of the Wyrm – Walkthrough

Follow the wolf’s track on the path to reach a lantern. Save the progress and keep following the path until you reach a weakened platform. Use Stone Cheshire and stomp on the platform to drain the water. Keep going along the path to reach the ground. Break the roots to see an illusion area. Go under the door to enter the illusion and make your way along the path to reach the portal.

Nest of the Wyrm (Dark Projection) – Walkthrough

Go up the staircase and use the Witch’s Pulse at the gate to unlock it. Go ahead and you will get to fight the enemies. Defeat the enemies and go ahead on the opened path and loot the chest. Go up the staircase to reach the bridge and then go ahead to use the Witch’s Pulse on the platform. Use Cheshire’s slash attack after the Witch’s Pulse to break through the portal.

Nest of the Wyrm (Wyvern Falls) – Walkthrough

You will come back to Wyvern Falls and rest at the Sanctuary to save the progress. Follow the wolf’s tracks to go down the ladder. Go ahead and you will be encountered by enemies. Clear the area from enemies and absorb the stone power to remove the stones. Now, go up the ledges next to the platform and jump to the other ledges and you will get encountered by enemies again.

After defeating the enemies, go down the ladder on the right side and pull the lever to pull up the platform. Stand on the platform to go down and follow the wolf’s tracks. Use the Witch’s Pulse to grow the plants and then go up the ladder. Go to the right side and dodge the plants. Stomp the weakened spot on the path to drain the water. Go inside the area and use Witch’s Pulse on the plant and jump on the plant. Use Wood Cheshire to pull the plant to the right side and toss Cheshire on the white ledge. Move Cereza to the platform on the left and Cheshire to the platform on the right.

Wyvern Falls

Stomp the platform to raise the platform of Cereza and then move to Cheshire. Jump on the left side by using the plant and you will see Jabberwock above you. Keep walking to the left side and go up the ladder. Toss Cheshire up on the ledge and move him to another weakened spot on the path. Stomp on the spot to drain more water. After that, a cutscene will start and you will get to fight Jabberwock for a short time. You will have to use Thorn Bind when an icon appears on its head and then use Cheshire to deal damage to him.

When you have depleted almost half of its health, it will fly away. Go along the path and stomp on the weakened spot to drain water. Enter the area and go along the path. Go up the ladder and go ahead to fight “Jabberwock” for real this time.

Nest of the Wyrm (Water Shrine) – Walkthrough

After defeating Jabberwock, go along the path and climb the ladder to reach the Water Shrine. Go near the Elemental Core and use Cheshire’s Slash Attacks to destroy the core. Watch the cutscene and then absorb the water power to drain the water ahead. Go along the path and eliminate the enemies. Follow the wolf’s tracks and you will enter the Chalkroot Hollow area.

Water Shrine

Nest of the Wyrm (Chalkroot Hollow) – Walkthrough

Follow the wolf’s tracks and get on the green plant in the water. Use the Water Elemental Abilities of Cheshire to get to the other side. Take down the enemies and go up on the path. Switch Cheshire to Water Form and dive into the water and get on the plant. Now, move the plant to Cereza and move Cereza on the plant. Use the ability again to get the plant to the other side.

You will be encountered by the enemies and after clearing the enemies go up on the structure and use the water abilities of Cheshire on white sails to go up. As you go ahead, a cutscene will start and after the cutscene, the seventh chapter will be concluded.

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