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Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – Chapter 9: Alone Again – Walkthrough



Chapter 9: Alone Again

In this guide, we’ll be covering the ninth chapter of Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.

Alone Again (Ashenbark Woods) – Walkthrough

Follow the path on the left side to reach a new sanctuary. Rest at the sanctuary for upgrades or save the progress and then keep on following the wolf’s tracks until you reach a structure with fire coming out of it. Go up on the structure and go along the path by following the wolf’s tracks. There will be different fire-burning obstacles that you will have to dodge so, be careful and time them right to dodge them along the way.

Once you reach the next same structure, go down from it and pull the lever to close the fire-burning pipe. Go ahead and climb up the ladder and throw the box down. An enemy will appear and you have to use your Thorn Bind ability to bind the enemies and pass through them. You need to be behind the box to dodge the shots of the enemies and keep your distance from the burners. Move the box to the right side under the lever and then go up on the box to pull the lever to close the fire-burning pipe.

Now, go to the path on the right side and climb down the ladder to start a cutscene. After the cutscene, go along the path until you reach a colossal iron structure. Go up the ladder and you will see Cheshire getting beaten by Faeries. Go ahead on the path and go down from the next structure and follow the Faeries into the large building. It will start a cutscene and after the cutscene, follow the white wolf to the right side to reach a ladder.

Puca's Fortress

Alone Again (Puca’s Fortress) – Walkthrough

Go up the ladders and follow the white wolf into the fortress. Watch the cutscene, and follow the white wolf to the cogs. Go inside the cog to go up and you will see a machine on your right. Use the Witch’s Pulse on the machine and go up further from the cogs. You will have to go up by 2 different cogs to reach an area with enemies. You need to proceed ahead without getting noticed.

Hide behind the anchor in the middle to stay hidden from them and move ahead when they turn back. Move ahead to reach another machine. Use the Witch’s Pulse on the machine and go up further from more cogs. Follow the wolf’s tracks to reach the third machine and use Witch’s Pulse on it as well to go up. Walk on the moving cogs and make your way to another machine and use Witch’s Pulse on it and go ahead to start the cutscene.

Reunite with Cheshire

After the cutscene, Cheshire will be freed and you will have to defeat the enemies to proceed ahead and the chapter will be concluded.

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