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Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – How to Defeat Jabberwock




Jabberwock is a mid-game boss that you will get to encounter multiple times but you will get to defeat it in Chapter 7: Nest of the Wyrm. Jabberwock is a dragon who is guarding the one of the Elemental Cores in the Avalon Forest and in order to destroy the Water Core, you will have to defeat the Jabberwock.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Jabberwock in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.

Jabberwock Early Encounter

You will get to fight Jabberwock two times in Chapter 7. The first time that you will get to fight him is in chapter 6 but you will not be able to deal any damage to him and it will be a very small encounter. When you fight him for the second time in Chapter 7, you will get to deal damage to him.

In the second encounter, you need to wait for the icon on its head. When an icon appears on the head of Jabberwock, you need to use the Thorn Bind ability of Cereza to detain him and then use Cheshire attacks to deal damage to him. Once you have depleted half of his HP, it will flee from the fight.

Defeating Jabberwock

After a while, you will get to fight him again just outside the Water Shrine area. This time, you will get to defeat him for good. The dragon has all types of attacks. It has AOE attacks, projectile attacks, slash attacks, and flying attacks. At the start, you need to repeat the process of the early fight. Use Thorn Bind when you see an icon on its head and then use Cheshire to deal damage to him.

Use Stone Cheshire for this fight to deal the maximum amount of damage to him, especially with the stomp attacks. When you deplete a quarter of its health, it will destroy the arena and you will get to fight him above water. There will be several platforms above the water on which you have to fight him. You have to be careful because the platforms will go down when he uses an AOE attack so, try to move as much as possible and keep Cereza on the platforms.

Jabberwock's Red Energy Attack

You need to aggress on him with Stone Cheshire and hit it with slashes and stomp attacks to continuously deal damage to him. But when he flies, you need to keep Cereza safe because if she dies her journey ends. So, move her far from Jabberwock and after it has done his projectile attacks, you need to use Thorn Bind and deal more damage to him. Once you have depleted half of his HP, Jabberwock will change its nature and will shoot red energy across the arena.

At this point, you need to be behind one of the large rocks that came from above. Once his attack is over, repeat the process of aggressing him with Stone Abilities and Thorn Bind to deal damage. Jabberwock will do the red energy attacks a couple of times so make sure to keep Cereza behind the rock so she does not die. Other than that, you need to keep Cheshire on Jabberwock. Once you have depleted all of his HP. A sequence will start in which you will have to use Cereza to help out Cheshire.

You need to go up two different towers using the ladder and drop the cage on Jabberwock. First, go to the tower on the left and use Witch’s Pulse to grow the plants. Once the Plants are grown, use the bombs on them to explode. After that, come down the ladder and move to the right side. Be careful because Jabberwock will shoot at you as well. So time it right and move to the next tower. Use Witch’s Pulse again to drop the cage on Jabberwock and then you need to press the R Button repeatedly to attack Jabberwock with the cage. After that, you need to use Witch’s Pulse again on the bombs on Jabberwock’s tongue to explode them.

Use Witch's Pulse to explode bombs on Jabberwock

Once you have successfully completed the Witch’s Pulse, Jabberwock will explode due to the bombs and it will be defeated.

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