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Beer Factory: How to Get Rid of Francis



Beer Factory - Francis

Francis is a homeless drunk who will often invade your factory and try to bring harm to the production of the beer or steal items. While addressing all of the machines and managing the resources for the production, you will also have to keep the bum away from your factory.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get rid of Francis in the Beer Factory.

How to Get Rid of Francis in Beer Factory

Pushing Francis away from the Beer Factory will require you to throw garbage bags or any throwable items on him. Each time you throw an item on Francis, it will deplete a certain amount of Francis’ health from the bar indicated at the bottom of the screen every time he appears. Upon depleting Francis’ HP completely, he will surrender and take his leave.

However, if you are playing in Peaceful Mode, Francis will only come once in your playthrough which is almost in the beginning but if you are playing in Normal Mode, he will make his appearance from time to time, and every time he returns, he will improve his moves of dodging the items.

Even though he creates some disturbance and delays in the production of the beer, he always drops useful Tuning Parts for the Forklift and even Money. These Tuning Parts are essential for upgrading and customizing the Forklift which will help you operate your Forklift more efficiently and swiftly.

Despite the mode you are playing in, you can always change the mode from the settings of the game to change the experience but if you are playing in Peaceful Mode, then you should change it to Normal as it will allow you to get new upgrades for the Forklift often.

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