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Beer Factory: How to Upgrade and Customize Forklift



Beer Factory - Upgrade and Customize Forklift

Beer Factory is all about running a beer business using tools and various machines in respective extensions of the factory. As you are attending to the needy machines for the production of the beer, one of the most useful tools that will use is your beloved Forklift. However, instead of driving the Forklift in the default state, it is also possible to both upgrade and customize the Forklift.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to upgrade and customize Forklift in Beer Factory.

How to Upgrade and Customize Forklift in Beer Factory

Upgrading and customizing the Forklift is available after unlocking the Forklift vehicle in Beer Factory. It can be unlocked fairly early in the game by completing the main objectives, and once you have it, the Forklift tab will unlock on the computer. Go and interact with the computer and navigate to the Forklift tab to view the available upgrades and customization options.

There are 5 different tuning options for the Forklift and if you have gathered any tuning parts, they will appear in the respective tuning option. Select the tuning option and use the arrows to view any gathered tuning parts. Each tuning part has a certain bonus which will be shown under the respective option.

The tuning options that provide a performance boost to the Forklift are Engine, Spoiler, and Wheels while the other options only provide cosmetic through which you can change the color of the Forklift. Select and apply the tuning parts you want for your Forklift and then choose the Module Color to give a unique look to your Forklift.

How to Get Tuning Parts in Beer Factory

The Tuning Parts are gathered by multiple methods in Beer Factory and some of the main methods are the following.

  • Clean Garbage: Cleaning the garbage will sometimes reveal a tuning part.
  • Get Rid of Francis: Pushing Francis away from the factory will give a tuning part every time.

Make sure to gather the tuning parts as advanced tuning parts can offer better upgrades and performance for the Forklift.

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