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Cities: Skylines II – How to Unlock the San Francisco Map



Cities Skylines II - Unlock San Francisco Map

Cities: Skylines II offers 12 maps in total with 10 maps available in the base game while the other 2 maps require a set of requirements. One of the classic maps that is locked behind these requirements is the San Francisco Map, a North American-themed map placed in the Northern Hemisphere.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock the San Francisco Map in Cities: Skylines II.

How to Unlock the San Francisco Map in Cities: Skylines II

The San Francisco Map is tied behind the Expansion called San Francisco Set which can only be obtained by buying the Ultimate Edition of Cities: Skylines II. The price for Ultimate Edition of Cities: Skylines II is $89.99 offering the following bonuses.

  • San Francisco Set Expansion
  • Beach Properties Asset Pack
  • 2 Content Creator Packs
  • Bridges & Ports Expansion
  • 3 Radio Stations

You can buy the Ultimate Edition from Steam or directly from the game’s website to get yourself the Expansion to start building in the classic city of San Francisco.

San Francisco Map – Overview

San Francisco is one of the classic maps that are only available to the players who own the Ultimate Edition of the game. The map is suitable for all kinds of players as it can be built in any way around. It is surrounded by water with the Pacific Ocean to the west and San Francisco to the east, and what makes it more appealing is The Golden Gate Bridge. This map has all the possible Outside Connections with a climate of Cloudy and Rainy along with a decent Buildable Area of 42% which makes its difficulty a bit easier.

  • Theme: North American
  • Climate: Cloudy and Rainy 5 – 28oC
  • Latitude: Northern Hemisphere
  • Buildable Area: 42%
  • Outside Connections: Highway, Train, Ship, Airplane, and Electricity
  • Natural Resources: Fertile Land 8.1 km2, Forest 61.8 kt, Ore 15.8 kt, and Oil 9,783 t
  • Difficulty: Beginner – Expert

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