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Crime Boss: Rockay City – How to Level Up Characters



Crime Boss: Rockay City

There are different characters in your gang which is lead by a gangster named “Travis Baker”. He is also happened to be your playable character and as you complete the missions in the Campaign mode of the game, you will have to face many different challenges. In order to face the challenges, you must level up the characters to gain certain skills and buffs.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Level Up characters in Crime Boss: Rockay City.

Leveling Up Characters

Since you will be playing the missions with the main Protagonist “Travis Baker”, you will earn different cards after completing a mission or two. You will only see the Cards screen when your character is ready to level up. There will be Three Cards in total from which you can only select One Card. Each Card holds a certain skill or buff for the character.

Level Up Card

Now, not all cards are for Travis Baker because, during the Level Up Screen, you will also see different characters’ portraits on the cards. The Cards can hold the portraits of the following characters.

  • Travis Baker
  • Casey
  • Nasara
  • Touchdown

Selecting the card for another character will increase the skill of that character which can also be seen in the Entourage Tab. The Entourage Tab can be seen when you are in the safe house where you choose different Goals and Turfs for the missions. You can see all the bonuses and skills of the characters in the Entourage Tab and you can see the ones you want to make more progress in settling the gang.


So, in order to level up all of the characters, you will have to play missions in the campaign, take more turfs, and help out the individuals in defending the turfs to unlock more level-up cards.

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