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Terra Nil – How to Clean Soil



Clean Soil

Terra Nil is a Planet Restoration game in which you will get to restore a certain land of the planet. There are various tools to restore the land according to the given tasks that can be viewed from the arrow on the right side of the screen but the major first task that all players will have to do first is clean the soil of the map.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Clean Soil in Terra Nil.

Cleaning the Soil

Soil is the dull land you see at the very start of a map that you are restoring. In order to Clean the Soil, you will be needing a tool named “Toxin Scrubber”. Now, Toxin Scrubber will clean the dull soil and make it able to grow grass on it which will also help you earn “Leaves”. Leaves is the currency of the game that is mainly used to put different tools on the land and Toxin Scrubber costs 25 Leaves. You can see your earned currency on the top left corner of the screen right next to the progression bar.

Now, that we know what we need for cleansing of the Soil the next part is how you put the Toxin Scrubber on land. If you try too put it on land on its own, it will show you the Red Outlines. Meaning, it cannot be placed there or it requires something. If we see the requirement of Toxin Scrubber, you will see that it requires “Electricity and Dull Soil”. So, you can only place it on Dull Soil as well as provide it with electricity.

Toxin Scrubber Tool

To get the Electricity, you will have to place the Turbine. Turbine costs 40 Leaves and you can only place them on Rock Lands. You will see different Rock Lands on the map and you can only place them on the Rock Tiles. Look for the Rock Tiles and select the Turbine from the Inventory to place it. After you have placed the Turbine, it will show you a green area which means that you can place the industrial tools in that area that requires Electricity.

Now, get out your Toxin Scrubber and place it within the boundary of the Turbine and you will clean the dull soil. The Soil will get more browner and then you will be able to grow grass on it. Another thing is that each Turbine can generate 6 Points of Electricity and each Toxin Scrubber consumes 1 point of Electricity so, you can place 6 Toxin Scrubbers within the boundary of Turbine or any other tool with a total limit of 6 Electricity.

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