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Terra Nil – How to Create Fynbos Biome



Fynbos Biome

There are different biomes that players will have to restore in each map of the game. As you complete the starting tasks of the map, you will unlock new quests of populating the map with a certain percentage of different biomes. One of the biomes that players will have to repopulate is Fynbos Biome.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to create Fynbos Biome in Terra Nil.

Creating Fynbos Biome

As from the name of Fynbos Biome, players will have to populate the required area on the map with Fynbos Flowers to create the Fynbos Biome. Fynbos Flowers can only be generated with a tool named “Beehive”. Players will have to unlock the Beehive tool either by completing the starting tasks on the game or growing greenery on almost all of the map.

It will unlock new tools for you and if you have completed the 100% greenery task, you will get the task of populating the map with different biomes. Now, when you unlock the tasks for biomes, you will also unlock several tools under Tier 2 Buildings. The starting tools will only show under the Tier 1 Buildings which can be seen by pressing the 1 Key on the Keyboard. In order to view the Tier 2 Buildings, press the 2 Button on the Keyboard.

Beehive Tool

You will see a couple of new tools in Tier 2 Buildings and one of them will be the Beehive. Beehive requires a grown tree to place on and it will provide you with Leaves and Fynbos Flowers. Placing a Beehive will cost you 35 Leaves and it will populate the area with Fynbos Flowers around the tree. It will increase the progress bar of Fynbos Biome in your tasks and you need to place a certain number of Beehives in order to complete the Fynbos Biome task.

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