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Terra Nil – How to Earn Leaves




Leaves are the main resources of the game that will let you install tools on the map as well as unlock new tools. It is also the main currency of the game that can be seen on the top left corner of the screen right next to the progression layout of the map. Players will have to maintain the Leaves in order to restore the map completely. If you run dry on the leaves, it will become difficult for you to complete the map and you might have to restart the map.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Earn Leaves in Terra Nil.

Earning Leaves

Leaves can only be earned by growing Greenery on the map. The more greenery you grow the more leaves you will get from your tools. At the beginning of the map, you will see the Dull Soil that you have to clean with Toxin Scrubber. It is the very first step that you have to do in all of the maps in Terra Nil. Once you have cleaned the Soil, you will be able to grow greenery on the soil to earn leaves.

The main tool to earn leaves In Terra Nil is the “Irrigator”. You can only plant this tool on the Cleaned Soil on the map and it will cost 50 Leaves. Irrigator can also be rotated by pressing R Button and rotating the Mouse Wheel so, to get the most advantage with the Irrigator, you need to place it on the Cleaned Soil and rotate it to see where it most grows the Greenery. You will see the total number of Greenery it grows on tiles. So, move the Irrigator to different tiles to see where you can get the most benefit.

To get the most advantage, it is advised to place more Toxin Scrubber to clean more soil on the map and then place the Irrigator to grow more greenery on clean soil. If there is a canal on the maps, you can also place the Water Pump near the canal to generate water in the canal and it will also grow greenery on every first tile of the canal. It will also help you earn more leaves.

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