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Terra Nil – How to Grow Grass



Grow Grass

Growing Grass is one of the main tasks that players will have to do in Terra Nil. Growing Grass on the dull soil of the map is one of the first steps that players will have to do because there is no restoration without growing the grass.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to grow grass in Terra Nil.

Growing Grass on Maps

As players start on a new map, they will be required to restore the map with grass and different biomes. In order to install the biomes to call out various Animals, players will have to grow grass. Growing Grass is the first objective on each map that you will have to complete. You will see your progress at the top left of the screen.

If we start from the beginning you will have to clean the Soil with Toxin Scrubber for which you will have to place the Turbines. After cleaning the Soil on a certain part of the map, you need to use the tool named “Irrigator”. The Irrigator is mainly used to grow grass on the tiles which will also earn you Leaves. The more Leaves you have the more tools you will be able to place on the map.

The Irrigator can only be placed on cleaned soil so make sure you are planting them on the required soil. Each Irrigator you place on the map will cost 50 Leaves and the Irrigator can water the soil and grow grass in certain directions. You can also change the direction of the Irrigator by rotating it. You can rotate it by pressing the R Button or moving the Mouse Wheel. To grow most grass with one Irrigator, hover it on different cleaned soil tiles and you will see the number of tiles on which it grows grass. It is also the number of Leaves you will get when you place the Irrigator.

So, change the irrigator direction to see where you can grow the most grass and then confirm it by pressing the Click. If you clean more soil with Toxin Scrubber and place the Irrigator in between them, you will grow more grass on more than 150 tiles at once which is very useful for your resources.

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