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Crusader Kings III on Steam has exceeded 95 thousand players in two hours after the release



Crusader Kings III outsells Marvel's Avengers on Steam

Crusader Kings III was released on Steam on September 1, 2020, at 19:00 Moscow time and two hours after the release took the fifth place in terms of peak online per day.

The maximum number of users simultaneously playing the strategy by the time this article was published was close to 97 thousand. Crusader Kings III surpassed online-only multiplayer games: CS: GO, Dota 2, Fall Guys, and PUBG.

At the same time, Crusader Kings III has not yet set a series record for peak online. According to the SteamDB database, the previous part attracted the largest audience – in 2018, about 141 thousand Steam users played simultaneously in Crusader Kings II.

At the same time, Crusader Kings III became the most successful game franchise on Metacritic – its average score was 91 out of 100. This is the highest score among all games published by Paradox.

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