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Dave the Diver – How to Upgrade Diving Gear



Dave the Diver: How to Upgrade Gear

Diving is one of the main aspects of the game along with running the Sushi Restaurant in Dave the Diver. As the restaurant cannot be run without the supply of fish, players would have to dive every day in the Blue Hole to gather various fish. However, more unique and bigger fish are obtained from more depth, players will have to continuously upgrade the diving gear to go in more depth to catch the fish.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade the Diving Gear in Dave the Diver.

How to Upgrade Diving Gear in Dave the Diver

Players will start with Level 1 Diving Gear which does not allow players to go much deep in the Blue Hole area but if players make progress in the main story and unlock the 1st chapter of the game, they will meet an NPC named “Dr. Bacon”. Dr. Bacon will give the quest of Sea People that players will have to complete but in order to do that, players must upgrade the diving gear. Luckily, at this point, Dr. Bacon will also tell about the app named “iDiver” that will allow players to upgrade their diving gear.

Players can check out the iDiver App by opening the Phone and selecting the iDiver App. The iDiver App will allow players to upgrade the following gear.

  • Air Tank
  • Diving Suit
  • Cargo Box
  • Harpoon Gun

All of these upgrades will require Money and upgrading each of them will take players’ respective gear items to Level 2. Upgrading the Air Tank will store more Oxygen which will allow players to stay for a longer time in the Blue Hole. Upgrading the Diving Suit will increase the Depth Limit which allows players to go in more depth of the Blue Hole area. Upgrading the Cargo Box will increase the Viable Weight Limit which allows players to carry more items. Finally, upgrading the Harpoon Gun will increase its damage which allows players to catch fish more easily.

Players would have to level up their diving gear as they progress in the game to explore more areas as well as to complete the quests.

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