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Dave the Diver – How to Craft Weapons



Dave the Diver: How to Craft Weapons

The Blue Hole area is filled with various fish as well as sea monsters for which players would be needing powerful weapons that deal more damage to them. Players would only start with the normal weapon named “Harpoon Gun” which is mainly used to catch the fish. However, players can also get underwater weapons by crafting them which would be more effective against the bigger fish and sea monsters.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft weapons in Dave the Diver.

How to Craft Weapons in Dave the Diver  

Before players get to the crafting of weapons in Dave the Diver, they will have to unlock an App named “Duff’s Weapon Shop”. The app is unlocked by completing a small quest for an NPC named “Duff” and after completing the quest, Duff will teach players how to craft weapons by using the app. To craft the weapons, players will be required Blueprints and certain materials for the weapons in order to craft them. Every weapon will require 3 Blueprints to unlock its recipe. Blueprints can be found in the weapon caches in the Blue Hole. These caches will have a weapon logo on them and players will only have to unlock them to get blueprints of various weapons.

After gathering 3 blueprints of the same weapon, it will unlock its recipe which will reveal the required materials. Players will have to get the materials from the Blue Hole and once they have all the materials, they will be able to craft the weapons by using the app. Players can follow the following steps to craft the weapons in Dave the Diver.

  • Open the Phone and select the Duff’s Weapon Shop app.
  • Select the available weapon in the app and hold down the respective button to craft the weapon.

After crafting the weapon, players will be able to equip the crafted weapon. Players will have to switch between the Harpoon Gun and the crafted weapon by pressing the R1 button to use the weapon underwater.

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