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Dave the Diver – How to Get Scrap Iron



Dave the Diver: How to Get Scrap Iron

Looking to find Scrap Iron in Dave the Diver then you are at the right spot as we will tell you how you can get it. Scrap Iron is one of the materials that is mainly used in the crafting of weapons in Dave the Diver. Various weapons will require Scrap Iron as a required material for crafting and if players want to craft those weapons, they would have to get the required number of Scrap Irons along with other materials to craft them. Other than that, players can also get Scrap Iron for selling purposes as well to make extra money.

If you’re looking to find Scrap Iron either for crafting or selling purposes then we got you covered because in this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Scrap Iron in Dave the Diver.

How to Get Scrap Iron in Dave the Diver

Like the other items and materials, players can only get Scrap Iron from diving and exploring the Blue Hole area. As diving is the main aspect of the game, players will get everything from exploring the Blue Hole area. In order to get the Scrap Iron, players should start diving in the daytime and explore the area in the depth between 10m – 40m. As this depth is possible even on the starting diving gear, players will be able to find Scrap Iron early in the game as well.

Players need to explore the area around the rocky area and look for rusty black matter. Scrap Iron will spawn in the open so players can skip checking the chests or crockpots in the area. Search the plants and go in between the rocky area to find the Scrap Iron. A few Scrap Iron spawn on every dive so, it would not take very long for the players to find one. Once players find the Scrap Iron, they simply need to go near it and interact with it to grab it. Scrap Iron weighs 0.3 Kg so, make sure there is enough space in Cargo Box.

If players have high-level diving gear, they can dive deeper into the depth of Blue Hole to find more Scrap Irons.

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