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Dave the Diver – How to Get Wood



Dave the Diver: How to Get Wood

Trying to find wood in Dave the Diver so, you can craft new weapons then you are at the right place. Wood is one of the materials that is a requirement for various weapons that players can craft in Dave the Diver. As there are a bunch of other materials spread throughout the Blue Hole area, it can be difficult to find wood quickly.

If you want to quickly get your hands on Wood then we will tell you how you can get wood easily and quickly in this guide of Dave the Diver.

How to Get Wood in Dave the Diver

Wood is one of the materials that can be found in different depths of the Blue Hole area. Before diving into the Blue Hole area, players must upgrade the Diving Suit to increase the Depth Limit. Normally all of the other materials can be found in the depth between 10m – 40m but wood can be sometimes found in much deeper water. To stay on the safe side, upgrading the diving suit is a valid option because you are going to need it for future quests as well.

After diving into the Blue Hole area, swim to the right side to reach the rocky area and start going down gradually. Wood spawns on the sand in the rocky area so keep your eyes peeled for any wood substance on the sand. If players don’t find any wood in 40m depth then they need to continue on their dive to explore the deeper water for wood. They can skip all the chests and the crockpots because wood only spawns in the open. Upon finding the wood, go near it and interact with it to grab it. Each Wood weighs 0.2 Kg so, you will be able to grab multiple of them in a single dive.

A number of Woods can be found in depths between 40m – 80m so, if you have a Level 2 Diving Gear then you will be able to find multiple woods in a single dive.

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