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Deliver Us Mars: Chapter 4: A Nice Place to Live – Walkthrough



Deliver Us Mars: Chapter 4: A Nice Place to Live – Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the fourth chapter of Deliver Us Mars.

A Nice Place to Live – Walkthrough

Chapter 4 starts on Mars and you will see some stations on Mars as well. As you go ahead on the path, you will enter a station that will replenish your Oxygen. Go up the stairs and exit the station to see a quarry on Mars. You will see Excavators, Cranes, and, Elevators. You will have to get to the other side of the area to look for other people on Mars. You will see a Rover on the other side and you need to use the elevator inside the quarry.

After noticing the things in the Quarry, follow the path on the left side. Go ahead and you will see the rugged walls. You need to use your pickaxes to go ahead and climb down into the Quarry. Once you have made your way into the quarry, go to the elevator but it will not be operational. You will have to Find a way to power up the Elevator.

Go to the right side and go up the ladder to go inside the room. You will find a hologram inside the room. Interact with it to decrypt the Hologram. After decrypting it, you will see the hologram of Isaac and William. After that, you need to go ahead through the room to go outside and make your way to the STREAME Tower. The path will be blocked due to the dust storms and as you go ahead, you will see two hanging platforms.

Go inside the station and then make your way to the hanging platforms. Jump on the platform and quickly pull out your pickaxes to stick to it. It will be moving in the air so, you will have to stick to it and when it comes around near the next platform, jump to the next platform. Jump on the green boxes on the platform and then jump ahead on the ledge. Jump up and go inside the station on the left. You will find another Hologram that you can decrypt. After that, go ahead on the path and you will see a rugged wall on the left. Climb the wall with your pickaxe and then look behind. Jump on the other side and crouch down to go through the space.

Go straight and jump up the ledge and you will see the rugged wall. You need to climb on the wall with your pickaxes to get to the other side. Go ahead and walk on the pipe to reach the STREAME Tower. You will get to power up the RP of the STREAME Tower.

You will see two Receiver Points and you need to power both of them. In order to do that, you need to place the Resistor in the middle of both of the STREAME techs against the glass. The resistor will reduce the power of STREAME tech so, the RP device gets the actual power needed. If you connect it directly, the RP will not work. Break the lock on the cover of STREAME tech and then connect its beam to the Receiver Point on the left to open the door. Now, connect the other STREAME tech’s beam on RP to power up the device.

Now, use the RP device and aim it at the Elevator to power up the elevator. Now, go through Safety Airlock and make your way down, and then go to the Elevator. Go inside the elevator and press the button to get to the other side of the Quarry but as you are midway, the Elevator will stop. Look towards the rugged wall and when the door of the elevator opens, jump and use the pickaxes to climb the wall and get to the left side. Now, you need to jump on the elevator and quickly jump on the other side before the elevator falls down.

Now, go ahead and jump on the rocks and then use your pickaxes to climb the wall. Go up and go to the right side to reach the platform. Go through it and you will reach a machine with moving platforms. Jump on the platform and then on to the next one and you will see a rugged wall. Go to the wall and climb it but you will have to be careful of the moving platforms. Once you have climbed the wall, you will reach the other side of the Quarry. Make your way to the Rover and interact with it to start a cutscene.

After the cutscene, you will be having a dream and you will be inside your house. You need to listen to holograms of your memory and go outside the house and follow Isaac’s hologram. Listen to the conversation and the cutscene will start. The chapter will be concluded after the cutscene.

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