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Detective Pikachu Returns: Chapter 2 – The Fabled Aurora Walkthrough



Detective Pikachu Returns - The Fabled Aurora

Completing the Missing Jewel case will leave Tim and Pikachu with more questions as the Aurora Drop gets taken away by Cramorant again. Tim and Pikachu will meet with Rachel Myers at Hi-Hat Café to learn about Professor Gordon, a great geologist who can help regarding the mysterious Aurora Drop.

We will be covering Chapter 2: The Fabled Aurora to assist you in the investigation of the case in Detective Pikachu Returns.

The Fabled Aurora – Walkthrough

Once you have come back from solving the Missing Jewel case, interact around Tim’s Apartment to find news in the newspaper and on TV. Talk to Mother and Tim’s little Sister to leave the apartment to go to Hi-Hat Café to meet with Rachel Myers. Go through the dialogues with Rachel Myers to get to the Southern Ruins area to find Professor Gordon.

Go Up the Hill to the Ruins

Go to the top of the hill to reach the ruins to find Professor Gordon. There will be several Pokemon along the way and the Quiz Professor that you can interact with to complete a couple of Local Concerns. As you reach the top, you will meet with Chris Honor and Munchlax. Talk to Chris Honor to learn about the disappearance of Professor Gordon for the past 2 days. Professor Gordon has gone inside the Ruins but hasn’t returned from the ruins which is worrisome.

Interview with nearby Individuals

You need to interview Chris Honor and 2 Pokemon near the Ruins’ door to find information regarding the ruins’ door.

  • Chris Honor
  • Munchlax
  • Passimian

Interview each individual to get their testimonies and useful information regarding the door.

How can we open the door?

After interviewing the individuals near the door, go to the Ruins’ door and investigate it. Find the following clues to complete the investigation.

  • The design on the ground
  • Relief on the door
  • Footprints on the tree
  • Ledge above the door

After finding all the clues, open the journal to deduce the first anomaly of the chapter. Select the Begin Deducing option and then select the “Press both switches” option to get the correct deduction. It will open the Ruins door and allow detectives to go inside Southern Ruins to look for Professor Gordon.

Where did Professor Gordon go?

As you get inside the ruins, there will be three different paths and you need to figure out where did Professor Gordon go. Firstly, go to the path straight ahead to come across Professor Gordon’s Handkerchief. You need to investigate the room to find the following clues.

  • Professor Gordon’s handkerchief
  • Passimian Statues
  • Footprints
  • Footprint cut off by the wall

After finding all the clues, open the journal to start the deduction. Select the “He went along a path beyond the wall” option to get the correct deduction. Now, leave the room and go to the path on the left side to come to a room in which you will find Slowpoke, Professor Gordon’s partner.

How do we get past the wall?

Interview Slowpoke to get its testimony and then start investigating around the room to find the following clues.

  • Frozen mural
  • Passimian holding a yellow berry
  • Passimian holding a blue berry

Open the journal to start the deduction. Select the “Have the statues hold Berries” option to get the correct deduction. After the deduction, you will have to find the berries and the Pokemon to remove the ice walls to proceed ahead into the ruins.

Find the berries outside of the ruins

Go outside of the ruins to find the two needed berries.

  • Yellow Berry: Come down from the hill and go to the left side to find the Shuca Berry (Sweet).
  • Blue Berry: Come down from the hill and go to the right side past the pool to find Yache Berry (Sour).

After finding both of the berries, open the journal to figure out which berries to use. Select the “Shuca Berry” option for Yellow Berry and the “Yache Berry” option for Blue Berry.

How can we get rid of the ice on the mural?

Now, talk to Monferno as his fire ability can be used to melt the ice on the final mural in the room. Open the journal to start the deduction and select the “Monferno” option to get the correct deduction. Ask Monferno to help you get rid of the ice and make your way back inside the ruins and to the room on the left side.

Interact with the ice to use Monferno’s ability to melt the ice. The final mural will give you the clue of Passimian holding a red berry.

What spicy, red Berry should we place on the middle statue?

Go out of the ruins again and talk to Chris Honor to get information about spicy berries. He will tell you about Tamato Berry that he used in his curry. You can find the Tamato Berry tree left of the ruins but unfortunately, there is no berry left on the tree. After gathering the information, open the journal to start the deduction and select the “Tamato Berry” option to get the correct deduction.

Talk to Chris Honor again for a suggestion for a spicy berry and he will suggest an Apple, a snack, or his curry. After the conversation, open the journal again for the deduction to use an item instead of spicy berry. Select the “Substitute the Tamato Berry with Curry instead” option. Go back into the ruins and start placing the berries on the respective Passimian Statues to open a hidden path.

Find Professor Gordon

Once you are in the deeper area of the ruins, you need to find Professor Gordon. Go to the right side to reach a gap. Pikachu will find Gordon’s footprints and hat around the gap. Slowpoke will fill the gap with water but the water will be too cold to swim across the gap.

How can we get across the water-filled hole?

You need to ask one of the Pokemon for help to get you across the water-filled hole. If you have talked to every Pokemon on the hill, you might have already an answer to this but if not, then go back outside of the ruins and make your way to the right side of the ruins’ door to find Lotad. Talk to Lotad and then open the journal to start the deduction. Select the “Have Lotad act as stepping stones” option to get the correct deduction.

Make your way back inside the ruins and let Lotad help you get across to the other side. Pick up Gordon’s hat from the other side and keep going ahead until you come across angry Darmanitan. You need to get past Darmanitan without letting it see you. The camera angle will change to overview and you will have to use the rocks to use them as a cover to let the Darmanitan move to the other side to cross past it.  

Once past the Darmanitan, Pikachu will find a hole enough to squeeze past him. As Pikachu squeezes through the hole, he will find Trevor Gordon (Professor). Talk to Professor Gordon to learn that Darmanitan is hungry. After that, move towards the screen to find a blocked path which can only be broken by Darmanitan. There will be a mural in the same room but we will come to it later. Now, go back to Tim to tell him what you have found.

Lure Darmanitan

A QTE sequence will begin in which you have to press the A button at the perfect time to lure Darmanitan to Pikachu so that he can give Darmanitan Slowpoke’s tail. Once Darmanitan comes to Pikachu, it will put Pikachu into its mouth as well and you need to mash the A Button to free Pikachu from Darmanitan’s mouth.

Darmanitan will calm down after eating Slowpoke’s tail and you will be able to interview Darmanitan.

Destroy the Rubble

After interviewing Darmanitan, you will get to control Darmanitan to destroy the rubble at the entrance to the room in which Professor Gordon is trapped. Move Darmanitan to rubble and press the R Button to use the smash ability to destroy the rubble and rescue Professor Gordon.

Find Darmanitan’s Friends in B1

Once you have rescued Professor, talk to Darmanitan and he will ask you to find his friends over in B1 (B1 is the starting area of the ruins). Use Pikachu to mount Darmanitan and make your way to B1. You will find Darminant’s friends in the following locations.

  • Vanillite: Inspect the pile of snow in the room with the statues.
  • Mr. Mime: Break the ice wall on the right path.
  • Bergmite: In the same room as Mr. Mime.
  • Smoochum: Break the ice in the room on the left.

After finding all four friends of Darmanitan, go back to the others but as you cross to B2, the wall will close behind trapping everybody inside the B2 area of the ruins.

Escape the Ruins

To escape from the ruins, you need to solve the two mural puzzles inside the B2 area of the ruins. One mural will be in the room in which all the characters are. Interact with the Mural to find out it is a Human Mural and you need to investigate it to get the following clues.

  • Human statue
  • Footprints on a mural of a human
  • Door-like object in the human mural

After gathering the clues, make your way to the room on the left to reach the second mural. This mural will depict a Pokemon and you need to gather the clues by investigating it.

  • Pokemon Statue
  • Footprints on a mural of a Pokemon
  • Door-like object in the Pokemon mural

What do the murals on the second basement level mean?

Once you have gathered the clues from both of the murals, open the journal to start the deduction. Select the “To move the statues” option to get the correct deduction. Now, make your way back to the room on the right side to inspect the ice wall. It will start a cutscene and after the cutscene, you will enter a room with a unique door mechanism.

Investigate the mechanism of the ruins

Eiscue will accidentally press the pressure plate and cause the shaking in the ruins again. You will need to first interview Eiscue and then investigate the mechanism to find the clues.

  • Pressure plates
  • Clefairy statue
  • Door
  • Chunk of ice

Finding all the clues will get you to the final stage of solving the mural puzzle.

Solving the Case

You need to answer the questions related to the mural puzzle with the following answers.

  • What in this room could be the key to the puzzle?
    • The Clefairy Statue depicted in the mural.
  • Where is the human statue?
    • Hidden in the ice.
  • What should we do with the two statues?
    • Move the statues.
  • What should we do after moving the statues?
    • Create the missing hand and connect the statues.
  • Who should we ask for help?
    • Eiscue can use a move to freeze the statues.

As you open the door by answering all the questions correctly, you will be attacked and you will get to defeat Mamoswine using a converted form of Darmanitan. Mash the A Button repeatedly to defeat Mamoswine.

Everyone will come out of the ruins safe and sound. Watch the cutscene and then talk to Rachel about leaving Southern Ruins to return to Rhyme City.

That is all related to Chapter 2: Fabled Aurora of Detective Pikachu Returns.

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