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Detective Pikachu Returns: How to Use the Journal



Detective Pikachu Returns - journal

There are a few mechanics regarding case solving in Detective Pikachu Returns that will require players’ full attention and the most crucial one is utilizing your Journal. Journal is the most important tool as it holds all the clues and testimonies of the individuals that you gathered throughout the case which then you can use to deduce anomalies of the case eventually, leading to solving the case.

Here’s everything you need to know on how to use the journal in Detective Pikachu Returns.

How to Use the Journal in Detective Pikachu Returns

The Journal can be accessed by pressing the X Button to view the anomalies headlined in the Red Bar and the respective clues for that anomaly in squares beneath the question. You can use the cursor to hover over the clues to get more details of the gathered clues to make a correct deduction of the anomaly but before you do the deduction, you must initiate the Begin Deduce procedure. Every time you gather enough clues for an anomaly, the journal icon will start flashing meaning you can initiate a deduce so, try to do it frequently whenever the icon flashes.

As each case will have several anomalies for you to solve, you can find the solved and unsolved anomalies under the Notes Flowchart section located in the top left corner of the Journal. Use the Right Stick or buttons on the D-Pad to navigate through the flowchart to get more sensible information about the case.

This feature is very useful especially, at the end of the case where you have to answer all the main questions of the answers to successfully solve the case. Before you accept to answer the questions, view all the deductions you have made from the Notes Flowchart to get an idea of the correct answers.

That is all related to how to use the Journal in Detective Pikachu Returns.

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