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Detective Pikachu Returns: Where to Find Lillipup



Detective Pikachu Returns - Lillipup

Tim and Pikachu are back in Rhyme City to prove once again that they are the best detectives in the town. Apart from solving the main cases that the story offers, there are Local Concerns as well that will pop up from time to time as Tim and Pikachu investigate new areas of Rhyme City. These local concerns are like side missions and will require you to help a local citizen or Pokemon with their problem. One of the earliest local concerns that Tim and Pikachu will get to solve is to find Lillipup Lillipup’s Partner.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Lillipup in Detective Pikachu Returns.

Where to Find Lillipup in Detective Pikachu Returns

During the Missing Jewel case, once Tim and Pikachu have interviewed every person and Pokemon inside Denis Mansion, they will meet Lillipup’s Partner outside the mansion when they come out looking for Ducklett. Talking to Lillipup’s Partner will give you the find the Lillipup local concern. After getting the local concern, it is difficult to find Lillipup without any clue or hint so, talk to Lillipup’s Partner one more time and she will tell you that she has already thoroughly checked Serenity Park but hasn’t checked the city and she will give you the hint that Lillipup likes quiet places.

After getting the clues, make your way to the left side to reach the city. You will reach the plaza area and it is one of the busiest places in the city. As Lillipup’s Partner mentioned Lillipup likes quiet places, you need to go to the back side of the plaza to reach the Back Alley. It is the only quiet place in the plaza. Go to the back alley and go to the left side to find Lillipup.

Go near Lillipup to talk to her and let her know her partner is worried for her to complete the local concern.

That is all related to where to find Lillipup in Detective Pikachu Returns.

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