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Detective Pikachu Returns: How to Deduce



Detective Pikachu Returns - Deduce

Solving the case successfully requires the perfect execution of various investigative mechanics in Detective Pikachu Returns. One of the most crucial mechanics to finding the correct answers and solving the case is deduction. Deduction lets you find an answer to an anomaly that might be confusing you in the case and makes things much easier for the investigation ahead.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to deduce in Detective Pikachu Returns.

How to Deduce in Detective Pikachu Returns

A successful deduction requires every possible clue to be found for that anomaly to make a deduction. You will get to make several deductions in every single case in Detective Pikachu Returns and without making deductions, you cannot proceed ahead. When you investigate the case to find clues and gather testimonies of individuals, the journal icon will start flashing in the bottom right corner of the screen indicating you have enough clues for one of the deductions in the case. 

Press the X Button to open the Journal and view the anomaly that you want to deduce. Upon having all the clues regarding that anomaly, press the A Button to begin deducing the best possible reasoning for that anomaly. You need to select the correct answer from the options available to make the successful deduction otherwise, you have to select the answer again.

However, if you don’t have enough clues, you will not be able to make a deduction at all as the “Begin Deducing” option will be locked and of blue color. If the deducing option is available, it will be unlocked and of yellow color.

Selecting the correct answer will complete the deduction and let you proceed to the next anomaly in the case eventually leading to solving the case.

That is all related to how to deduce in Detective Pikachu Returns.

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