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Detective Pikachu Returns: Prologue Walkthrough



Detective Pikachu Returns - prologue

Pikachu and Tim, two great detectives have returned to continue their investigation about missing Harry, Pikachu’s previous detective partner and Tim’s father. Mayor Myers will invite Pikachu and Tim to his speech regarding the R incident in the original game to appreciate their help but soon things go south as the speech gets interfered with by Corviknight who takes Pikachu’s Detective Hat.

The game’s prologue case revolves around finding Pikachu’s Hat including helping a couple of Pokemon in the area. In this guide, we’ll be covering all the objectives in the Prologue of Detective Pikachu Returns.

Prologue Walkthrough

Once you get the control of Tim, grab the book of Mayor Myers from the stage. Come down from the stage to find Unconscious Pidove.

Help Unconscious Pidove

The first case that you will get to solve is to make Pidove conscious. Talk to other Pidoves on the side to get a clue about Aroma. You need to use some kind of Aroma to make Pidove conscious. Ask around the area and go to the left side to reach a coffee shop. There will be two more Pidoves standing beside Aromatisse (Pokemon). Speak with Aromatisse to convince her to help the unconscious Pidove. Go through the dialogues to start a brief cutscene in which the unconscious Pidove recovered.

Get the Detective Hat

Corviknight will fly to the left side of Rhyme City so, make your way ahead until you come across a giant Pokemon named Exeggutor. First, you need to talk to Applin who lives inside Apple located beside Exeggutor. Upon talking to Applin, you will come to find that two of its friends are missing. After that, talk to the Exeggutor and request him to move aside to look at the Apple Crates to find missing Applin.

Examine the Apples on the ground to locate the Applin. The first Applin will be on the right side and for the other Applin, simply examine the apples to start a cutscene. After the cutscene, examine the Apple Crate on the right side to find Pikachu’s Detective Hat. It will take you to a QTE sequence where you have to help Pikachu climb Exeggutor by mashing the A Button.

Completing the QTE will get you Pikachu’s Detective Hat and the final Applin. Watch the cutscene after it to complete the Prologue of the game and to proceed to the next chapter, The Missing Jewel.

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