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Diablo IV: How to Fast Travel



Diablo IV: How to Fast Travel

Diablo IV offers a wide-open-world experience in which players will get to explore the World of Sanctuary which has 5 different Regions. Players will get to explore each region as they progress through the main story and will find a number of points of interest along their journey. With the world full of points of interest, you would run into Dungeons and Strongholds that you might want to clear to get all the loot that you can hold. However, you would require a quick way to get back to the Town or a designated spot to get around the world more quickly, and it can be possible with the Fast Travel mechanic in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Fast Travel in Diablo IV.

How to Fast Travel in Diablo IV

As there are 5 different regions in Diablo IV, getting from one region to another on foot or mount will take a lot of your time and you might lose a World Event happening in another region. Well, you can travel quickly to other regions, cities, settlements, towns, and villages with the help of a Waypoint. Waypoint is one of the Points of Interest that can be found all over the World of Sanctuary. The Waypoints will allow you to fast travel to their locations from anywhere in the World, even from inside the dungeon which is very helpful.

However, you would have to find and activate the Waypoints spread across all the regions of the world. Every region has at least 5 – 6 Waypoints and by unlocking them, you will get more versatility in getting around a region. The Waypoint is shown on the map with an icon of a Circle with a Triangle inside of it. By going to the location, you will have to interact with it to enable it. By enabling the Waypoint, it will turn blue both in the world and on the map. Now, in order to fast travel, you simply need to open the map and select the Blue Waypoint shown on your map to fast travel to the exact location.

How to Fast Travel in Diablo IV

You can also fast travel by using the Town Portal. However, the Town Portal is limited to the Capital of the region so, it will only take you back to the capital of the region you are in currently. It is useful during the time when you quickly need to get back to the capital to Sell or Salvage the items in your inventory and get back to the point you left off.

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