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Diablo IV: How to Upgrade Weapons



Diablo IV: How to Upgrade Weapons

Upgrading Weapons and Gear Items is one of the essential things to do in Diablo IV as it will increase the stats of your character and you do need a high-stats as you progress in the game. Increasing the stats of the character also involves the upgrading of your gear items and weapons so, you do have to select the weapons you love and upgrade them for more damage and domination to get through the hordes of demons easily.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Upgrade Weapons in Diablo IV.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Diablo IV

The game does not do a very good job of telling you how you can upgrade your gear items to increase your character’s stats. You will not be able to upgrade your gear items or your weapons until you have reached the first settlement in the World of Sanctuary which is Kyovashad in the Fractured Peaks region. It is the very first time when you will get to see all of the different vendors for each useful item in the game. In order to upgrade the weapons or gear items, you would have to go to the Blacksmith shown by an icon of a Hammer and an Anvil on the map.

Go to the location of the Blacksmith and talk to him. You will see that the Blacksmith offers three different services, Salvaging, Gear Repairing, and Gear Upgrading. You need to switch the tab to Gear Upgrading to upgrade the Weapons and Gear Items. For each Weapon/Gear Item, you will be required certain Materials and Gold. Materials are specifically required for upgrading so, you will have to get a lot of materials in order to fully upgrade your Weapon. You can get materials by Salvaging all the Common, Magic, and Rare items. As these items don’t sell for that much, it is worth selling them so you can use the obtained materials to upgrade your favorite weapons.

It is best to upgrade the Legendary/Orange Weapon because the Magic and Rare weapons are not worth upgrading. You would find a number of weapons of the same rarity with better output damage. So, it is best to keep swapping the weapons until you find the Legendary Weapons. It is not far in the game before you get to fill your inventory full of Legendary Items. Make sure to find the weapon with the stats you think best for your build and then start upgrading those weapons.

Diablo IV: How to Upgrade Weapons

Now different rarities of weapons/gear items upgrade a certain number of times. Common Weapons/Gear Items upgrade only Once, Magic Weapons/Gear Items upgrade only Twice, Rare Weapons/Gear Items upgrade Thrice, and Legendary Weapons/Gear Items upgrade four times. With each upgrade, the Materials and Gold will increase so make sure to have enough materials and Gold for all of your Weapons and Gear Items.

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