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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Change Paraglider Design



Tears of the Kingdom: How to Change Paraglider Design

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers a wide-open world experience of the Hyrule World which has been expanded. There are three different area types on which you can explore the world, Sky Islands, Surface, and Depths. All three of them are almost equally big as the original Hyrule World Map. However, in order to explore them, you are going to need the Paraglider which can be obtained pretty early in the game. The Paraglider has a default design on it but if you want to change the fabric design of the Paraglider and match it with your outfit or gear then you can do that as well to enhance your experience while exploring the world.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to change Paraglider Design in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Change Paraglider Design in Tears of the Kingdom

To change the design of your paraglider, you need to visit and talk to an NPC named Sayge. He is an expert in clothing and can be found in the Hateno Village. Hateno Village is located in the Southeast Lanayru region of the Hyrule World Map. As you go in the Southeast direction you will cross Lake Sumac and there is Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower that you can activate to unlock a fast travel point. Go in the southern direction from the lake and you will reach the village.

You need to find the clothing shop in the village and as you go inside, you will find Sayge in front. Talk to Sayge and select the Rework the Paraglider option and it will cost you only 20 Rupees. After selecting the option, you will get to choose the Fabric Design you want to put on your Glider. Select any available fabric and confirm it to apply to your Paraglider.

How to Change Paraglider Design in Tears of the Kingdom

You will go to the changing room and Sayge will press the button where you will go up in the sky and you will get to see your newly designed paraglider.

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