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Diablo IV – Leaderboards Maybe Coming in Season 3



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As the launch of Season of the Malignant is nearing which set out to be live on July 20, 2023, a lot of people have addressed various questions and issues regarding the game in the current stage. The developers of Diablo IV have taken notice of the things addressed on Twitter and explained the things that they are currently working on answering some questions regarding the new Battle Pass System and more.

One of the things that were addressed by one of the developers of Diablo IV is regarding the Leaderboards. As we have known that the developers have a plan to put out the leaderboards of the players with their current level in the servers, Adam Fletcher tweeted out saying “Leaderboards we have mentioned will be in a later season. Maybe by S3. Team wants to get them right and put more time on them.”

It looks like the UI/UX team is currently building the layout of the leaderboards for Diablo IV and once that is done, the developing team would have to figure out a way to implement the design into the game servers. We can say that it is currently in a developing stage and the team will require its proper time to implement it.

According to the Timestamp of each season of Diablo IV, confirmed by Blizzard is 3 months. They would be putting out 4 Seasons every year and if we calculate the time of the third season then it gives us a hint of the Leaderboards coming out somewhere between March – April of Year 2024.

The Season of the Malignant is coming out on July 20, 2023, on available platforms for Diablo IV.

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